sarcoid on 3 year old colt

This 3 year old colt that we co-own has a couple of bumps on his body.  This video he is
just returning from a vet check and we will wait to see what she recommends for removal.  Vets' don't like to surgically remove these in the summer because of flies as when it is cut out it is not stitched closed.

They recommend natural liquid honey to place on the open wound and it heals very quickly.

New vet healing methods with a natural product.  Who knew?

{it was extremely windy when i took this video so my voice cuts out a bit - sorry!}

swooping floop

Pelican in pond this morning....
very cool,
of course I go out to take
and it swoops away!
usually other pelicans follow,
    a loner this morning it was.

I think I need to swoop away for a

It rained yesterday and
that was awesome!

My watering can workouts
can stop for now.

  Feels like I
need to land somewhere different for a
little while?

spring ending

days are always full,
with emotions sometimes dull

the garden is struggling and 
we are juggling
our water cans
to  maintain 
our dry bedding plant plans!

I am grateful
no mosquitoes just yet
they are on there way,
 you can bet.

 the cool WINDY days
make me slump 
like I'm in a craze!

the lakes we have visited twice
that was so nice

events are coming up soon
in June
a concert, a grad
such fun to be had

I got in my kindergarten phase
and made a Father's day card
with my paints

my Dad will faint
when he sees my creativity

gotta do what I love
and stop crooning like a Dove

Summer is here in a week
I will not be bleak

(just had to speak)

a little flowering going on

these are my potted plants
easy to grow
nice to look at

(orange harmony)


variety pot

My first rose bush planted 3 weeks ago and I see a bloom!

I was convinced to buy a couple of rose bushes 
I think I will like them!

My friend Gail was so gracious to donate some of
these plants here from her beautiful yard.

She also landscaped this area
and helped me plant it
(I was grateful)

I have not had bedding plants in my yard since
 Swift Current which is 4 years ago.

I was overwhelmed with this new property and
trying to figure out where to start bedding plants
around the house.  

So appreciate the greenery and a bit of flowering
showing now!

the best therapy is

horseback riding helps so much
when you have weak muscles
and joints
mental challenges

nothing better
for confidence and
building strength
and learning to care
for an animal
is working with horses

this is "Sweetie" she will carry a new adult
rider tonite

volunteers are grooming and checking for ticks
leg problems, etc 

there are 5 horses
and 4 of them are well trained
one is an arabian and is going
to carry someone on her back one night this season
she is a new therapy horse and needs warming up
and saddling and lots of lunging!  She is pretty much ready to go this year.

 this is her "Lady"

Brian warms up "Fudge"

this arena has been used for the owners own
western/equestrian competitions
but she also shares this arena for the PTRA (Parkland Therapeutic Riding Association)
and it has been 23 years! 
Her name is Karen and she trains the horses and the volunteers
for the therapeutic riding coach who comes in every week
to give riding instruction to all the clients

the horses are brought up to the edge of this ramp
and trained to stand still while the rider is placed in the
all clients/riders are placed on the horse
with a certified coach of therapeutic riding
she is the final boss that the saddle, stirrups, reins, safety belts
and sometimes buddy stirrups are used correctly and
cinched tightly before the rider walks on.

there are 10 mentally challenged or handicapped
clients that ride, ranging from about 10 years to 50 years old

I side-walk beside the rider and sometimes I help with holding props up
for the relay games and groom the horses and ensure that
the heavy doors at either end are closed once all riders are saddled. 
lots of rules and insurance restrictions with a Therapeutic Riding Centre
they are governed by National standards and visits are made yearly
to the arena and owners to ensure no liabilities occur.

It is a very good thing!

S K N with the i

10 days ago my skin on my legs
reacted to the shaving
I was using coconut oil to shave
but my legs did not like the razor and oil this
I have had quite a time with figuring out how to
moisture this time
i put on aloe vera gel and it lasted a few hours then
got super itchy and then coconut oil another day
ouch.. it didn't like that.

I have been wearing pants outside
(in this weather not a problem)
then by 5 pm I can't handle the itch

I looked at the baking soda on the
kitchen counter and remembered that
my son needed it in his bath for his
skin years ago

well I put that in the tub water and it got
itchy itch and I was scratching
until all of a sudden it subsided
later that evening my skin felt so smooth
and no itch.  It is now 2 days later
and no problem with my leg itch.

I think...just my diagnosis here; that I have been busy with a new property
and gardening and I did a lot travelling for Mother's day weekend

my skin is the largest organ on my body
so I am listening to that now

 went to bed at 8 o'clock twice
this week and I am feeling very settled and
I let go of my silly concerns
and thanked the baking soda!

now what do I put on it to keep it moist?
{happy skin now}

I know that hyalauronic acid in lotions is a good thing for me.  I use SKNAddix products.  It contains this acid.  I have Aveeno for eczema moisturizing lotion but that has only worked for a short time.  EPSOM salts tends to aggravate as well.  Aloe Vera Gel and Coconut Oil is out for now apparently.  My homemade soaps work well for my skin but for moisturizing my skin for lotion use?  well - its a guinea pig wheel - some days one lotion works the other days it does not.  My diet could be a bit better I am a type 2 diabetic and but, blood sugar is good these days.   How are things with your skin?

I am amazed that one thinks you are stress free
but like blood pressure and other things in your system
worrying about things that are really just the "small stuff" is a problem
because when you prolong that worry-ness your body lets you know.

two rules to follow:
1) don't sweat the small stuff
2) it's just small stuff
{Robert Elliott)


soap is a homemade staple

This morning I cut my soap
mould open to slice the new bars to store in a
box for a few weeks.

I have been making soap for 2 years
and hubby and I really love it.
We both are very sensitive with
lotions and soaps from retail providers.

This recipe I use consists of
olive oil, coconut oil, almond milk;
I put in a few sprinkles of
YL essential oil Northern Lights
Black Spruce in the mixture. This oil is
a smell I love and great for the skin.

It is science though.
Making soap requires Lye.
Also making glycerin to use for
making soap requires Lye.  

After 6 weeks of
storing the new made soap
the Lye saponifies which means it is no
longer in your soap.  Even though you don't like
the idea of it Lye is what makes soap.

you need some equipment:

food weigh scale
food thermometer
soap mould
soap cutter
hand held immersion blender (or smart stick)
a big pot set aside for just
mixing your soap oils and liquids and lye

this is the best part of making your own soap
you can choose your own moulds.  I choose the
long wooden mould I ordered on line as
it makes one big long log and I can cut my own
size of bar.

I have flopped one new recipe I tried as
the oil I used was sunflower and canola oil
it never took the canola oil.  That was my error
in not checking the oil before using.

I now have a good almost never fail recipe!

lakes on brain

the parks and the lakes
are opening this weekend

I checked out the new playground
at the Kinsmen Point at
York Lake

The old playground was rusted
and then they painted over it 100 times
and it just was not kid friendly

so Yorkton community raised
funds to have a brand new playground
for York Lake Regional Park

My grandpa played golf here when I was
a wee elementary school girl
I am happy that updates are
finally taking place.

this lake is a regional park and we live just a short few
miles from here

{insert happy face here}🙋🙋

camera espionage

Of course he found my digital
camera in the glove compartment.

(always does this)

my Mother's Day weekend was a road trip to
Swift Current and then to Regina and
then back to Swift Current and
home again

I loved every minute of it

Tom has been working 2 jobs
this past 8 months
and with the chaos and mess of
water damage in his home
he needed a break

Our whole family was at my sister's home
on Sunday for Mother's Day on May 14

Tom is not usually at these gatherings so
Grandma was in heaven to have all the grandkids

no pictures?  nope I didn't take any was having
too much fun visiting with my nieces and brother and sister's family

oh well it's the memories that count

toothpaste cure (maybe)