spontaneity art

i have enjoyed my expressionist
last minute (spontaneous) art

It is a release.

 nail polish splatter

 watercolors and oil/acrylic paint markers

keep calm and "art" on!

selfie + new doo

new doo with a golden touch
I am doing the hair cut photos from July 6 to now
I have a new stylist
and I like her!

(I did not plan that my shirt would
match the tea kettle behind or the
Mocha plaque on the wall)

5 weeks ago

so these last two cuts are a bit more stylish
and I need to work on my hair a bit more every day
to keep it stylish!

blow-dry and go girl I am and sometimes it's just wash
and go!  

Cows don't like me

i am walking down the road with me, myself, and I
and these cows see me walking slowly along
and they take off!

Hubby says that I should stop for a minute or
two and then start walking again.  Maybe I have an
intense presence?

I'm not losing sleep over this!

what was the best part of your day

A friend of mine
told me this line she
always said to her kids while growing up
(you know who you are friend)

What was the best part of your day?
at bedtime this was asked
no matter what type of day was experienced

I always use this line now even with my hubby
and my son

There is always something to pick out of the day.  Usually lots
of things pop up; subtle and joyous moments

For me, so far today has been the power of technology
i used during my walk on a secondary road
this morning, I listened to a meditative voice
as I walked; we can be guided however we choose

Even though I had a headache this morning and still do
I felt the delicious leafy greens of my salad ingest me with
something natural and colorful - I enjoyed my salad and it was
just leaf green lettuce leaves with some bits of celery in it
and a couple of chunks of tomatoe with my favourite greek-feta
salad dressing

some other moments this month....

tall forest trees at Riding Mountain National Park
took my breath away 

this simple wild rose

sitting in my own living room and noticing
the light from the night lite and the dining room window
shine just perfectly for me to enjoy

What was the best part of your day?

my guilt list

I am going to nip this in the bud
so to speak

The Guilt List

I feel guilty when.....

I don't bake enough

I don't have food prepared
for company in my freezer

When someone vents out loud I think it is my fault or somehow
I screwed up

I read too many books, am I lazy?

I should of hugged my boys more when they were little

Because, I am not much for hugging

When I don't have anything planned for the day, or several days

When I am not making friends

When I use money incorrectly 

When I do not have as much energy as other women seem to

When I cannot patch up the past and have to just live in the present

When my neck gets stiff and I once again have to slow down and relax

....and on and on it will go and it depends on the time of year

The Guilt Resolved List

in my senior retirement years I have resolved this.....

  • My self-talk is positive

  • My confidence is based on my Guilt List (above) - if no guilt ....I can move forward, plan some fun...et al

  • Christmas comes around and I know I love buying a live tree and bringing it home and watching it thaw out to see what shape it will actually be.  Decorations are minimal.  I know once that tree is in the house the guilt about cooking, baking and performing traditional meals is always a work through process for me.  I don't feel guilty anymore because I know what I love that time of year.  Lights!  I speak my mind to my family about what I need this time of year and I know that it is appreciated - "Don't shrink, don't puff up, just stand my sacred ground!

my mother-in-law made a statement to me
many years ago when my boys were toddlers and I was really
not coping well.  She said "Donna, everything will pass in time". Sometimes
I remembered those words and sometimes I didn't.

I know there is more guilt that crops up depending on
timely events and things misinterpreted among people

I trust myself and have a purpose in life to
be truthful to my nature and then things do fall into place
with guilt or no guilt.  We cannot get back to the past, even if I try I just can't get there!

Have you ever written down your guilt list?

Clear Lake mini stop over

Ok here are the selfies of our little family on our
at Riding Mountain National Park
in Manitoba;
known as Clear Lake.

we stayed at Elkhorn Lodge at the park
there was indoor-outdoor hot tubs and pool/waterpark, 
restaurant, golf course ...right at the Lodge
A very nice place to vacation!

it's a good thing

it has been a poor season for flowers and
garden but there are some successes...

it is a good thing I planted pumpkins because
they are such big plants and lots of blooms
I am excited!

 tomatoes are finally showing up

all the hay is brought in, stacked and covered

a few orange lilies bloom once in awhile

next to the roses I think this yellow lily is my favourite
it has finally bloomed

so many good things

it really is such a superb time of year!

spontaneity art

i have enjoyed my expressionist last minute (spontaneous) art It is a release.  nail polish splatter  watercolors and ...