lakes on brain

the parks and the lakes
are opening this weekend

I checked out the new playground
at the Kinsmen Point at
York Lake

The old playground was rusted
and then they painted over it 100 times
and it just was not kid friendly

so Yorkton community raised
funds to have a brand new playground
for York Lake Regional Park

My grandpa played golf here when I was
a wee elementary school girl
I am happy that updates are
finally taking place.

this lake is a regional park and we live just a short few
miles from here

{insert happy face here}🙋🙋

camera espionage

Of course he found my digital
camera in the glove compartment.

(always does this)

my Mother's Day weekend was a road trip to
Swift Current and then to Regina and
then back to Swift Current and
home again

I loved every minute of it

Tom has been working 2 jobs
this past 8 months
and with the chaos and mess of
water damage in his home
he needed a break

Our whole family was at my sister's home
on Sunday for Mother's Day on May 14

Tom is not usually at these gatherings so
Grandma was in heaven to have all the grandkids

no pictures?  nope I didn't take any was having
too much fun visiting with my nieces and brother and sister's family

oh well it's the memories that count

shoe show and tell

I am talking shoes here as 
it is a good day to go through
my foot wear for the new seasons upon us, because,
it is a cold and windy day for May 17th
and I am inside cleaning out closets.

 black Jana shoes for choir
Rieker sandals 

Naot ankle boots (best boot) you can tell
I have worn them out but they still are comfy!

I admit I am a shoe person
and I like high quality shoes
It is a necessity to have shoes and several
kinds to protect our feet in all kinds of
weather and activity so I of course have several
pair..  Some of you will have more than me or less
than me.  (is that sentence grammatically correct?)

The point is
I want my feet to look good
and I want it to compliment
my outfits too.

Shoes is one of my more abundant uses
of my money and if I purchase well
then the value is there for a good serviceable

I have fitness shoes for my workouts
and I do alot of walking too
Merrells are the blue at the farthest end
then the grey and pink are Skechers
and my sandal runners are Keen

this display here is a project to see
what shoes I am not going to wear this summer
and the verdict is that I will wear all of them !!

my favourite brand/make of shoe is
Josef Seibel shoes (like these above)

don't forget my rainy weather muddy rubber boots
(why I have 2 pair?  just because I liked the leopard

This was a fun project and
I am very GRATEFUL that I can own this many pairs of
footwear.  How many pairs of footwear do you own?

point of interest here

this afternoon, on point, our herd ran
to the corner and what did they see?

a driving team
working in the community pasture

always a good time in the country
I loved seeing our pasture manager
work his team!

performing in that black

I get it about
choirs having to wear black
I have looked it up and it is because
it is not about the people and what they wear
it is about the music

I think it looks morbid. They do
 throw in some delightful
scarves and it helps.

Here is the spring scarf
I got yellow, there are
 mauve and a light blue so it
pops it up as a whole

I feel so dark when I sing in black

oh well
off I go to this afternoon's Spring

 Makes sense too because we are not competing as
to who looks the nicest.  I still tend to feel a bit "dark" when 
performing bright cheery music.

Off I go in my pop of yellow!

performing at St Andrews United Church

your natural colours

I am living and dressing my truth
with Carol Tuttle's programs
and the 4 types of nature and
style guide colours are confusing
to alot of us.

My nature is rich dynamic swift moving multi-tasking
person.  So the framed colour chart on the bottom
left on this wall are my colours/shades/tones to wear as
these colours match my true nature of movement.

what a great idea for someone to get all 4 and
put them on their wall. 

I am not saying much more
as you have to be a dressing your truth
member or at least sign in for the free
short video to learn your type.

my hubby is a bold still movement and his
is the bottom right colour guide.

here is the link to the
free video

it is a fun work in progress and I have been living 
and dressing my truth for 4 years. So enjoy!

throw back this thursday

It's a birthday week;
my boy Graham's was on April 20 (a regretful throwback Thursday in a couple of days).

Had a tough, kind of annoying evening last night
I figured out it was about loss.

After 13 years of working
with grief I have figured out
one simple thing.

That sharp stone of grief in my pocket
pinches me every now and then.
So I am embracing this long
lonely desolate feeling I had last night.

He was in grade Nine here at Waldeck School;
his t-shirt and watch were purchases from
our skii trip in Banff a few weeks previously.

Just saying that the  statement that so many
refer to about "God does not give you anything that
you cannot handle"......

It is a misrepresented statement
God  hands out small doses of pain
to us when he feels we can accept something
about our pain, another little nugget of memory
regret, guilt.
He hands it out in little chunks.

That is what that statement means.
Little pieces of grief are added throughout the
years.  At first it is overwhelming and exhaustive.

That higher being or God, whichever,  is your belief
has it under control.  

Yes God has given me what I can handle, one small pebble or big
chunk at different times.  I have learned to be aware of when
he is "pinching me".

I am so grateful for what I still have.  Gratitude is the key for me
and once I remember that the pain  changes and subsides!

My Easter message I guess.


energetically turquoise

The colour of my blog header
is Turquoise! A colour I have not
always been attracted to.  I couldn't figure
out why I preferred this color instead of the others for my new header.

here's why....

I have been attracted to this colour
just a wee bit this last few months
and I found I am wearing this pendant alot lately.

{Swarovski Crystal Apple pendant}

Turquoise or Robin Egg colored easter eggs
is on my brain today.

Have a Happy Easter!

Easter blend

such a lift of 
joy this time of year can be

I started painting this
a week ago

each day I just kept adding more 

sometimes I took a wet cloth
and swiped the paint across

I will probably add some drawing
like a bird flying?,
or an easter egg?

I now understand that
Art is the PROCESS of MAKING art
not always about the end result!

"The Blend"

emotions of spring

I am getting overwhelmed with all
the oncoming spring distractions,
like lazy about planning supper,
deciding where I should go walking.
I am cleaning out clothes I haven't worn
all year and donating.

 I am energetically manifesting more money for
fun 2017 summer and fall activities.  

I 've booked a womans' weekend retreat
in the scary "Trumpland" at Salt Lake City Utah for fall.
(very excited about that)

My previous interest in gemstones is calling me back.
People ask what are gemstones, minerals and crystals?
They are rocks!  Collected and some mined from countries
all over the world.  You may own a bracelet and earrings
or pendants that are gemstones.  Most are polished and some
are rough cut.  

This is a red-brown jasper precious gemstone
I wire wrapped it in craft wire and made
a pendant necklace.  Yay me!

This blog has been going for 9 years and I now changed the template and color
 because it was time for
something simpler and more eye catching to look at.  I am having some frustration with changing the header picture.  I like that picture but it is not my photo.  That's okay for now.  

I have had 2 skin tags removed and my physiotherapy for my right shoulder is almost done.  

I am now dancing my way to Latin Rhythm music with Kathy Smith.  She is 65 years old now.  It is fast but fun and I don't have to lift weights or hold a plank position or do sit ups.  Just move my feet to the music.

I just found another distraction; my husband finished my art easel.  I can stand and paint or draw
and it's portable!

The community choir and me as an Alto 1 singer has been challenging
but good for me.  A concert this Sunday and then the final May 7.
I have to practice at home because I am not that strong of a singer.
My piano training helps immensely.

Also horses running around and training is getting revved up as the riding area is
dry now.

Blessed spring emotions and distractions can make me crazy but a it's a good crazy!

spring vibes

Spring is showing itself
with sunny blue skies.
We have a new colt at our
Bruschetta is the mare on
the right, so muddy in this picture;
she needs her hooves clipped
and picture taken
as she is going up for sale
on some horse sale websites

here is a nicer pic of Bruschetta
she is a beautiful horse with a
good nature.

This colt is an interesting colour
a burnt orange colored nose
with gold hues showing through
his dark brown fur.

his name is Shutler (sp) (I do not know what it means) I'm going to call him
"new brown' horse!

blue skies
new horses
it's changing the energy around here
I like that!

lakes on brain

the parks and the lakes are opening this weekend I checked out the new playground at the Kinsmen Point at York Lake The old ...