Wednesday, September 28, 2016

stressors out

we have been handling an issue with the purchase of
our home and acreage for the past year
and it has finally been resolved but not without a
poor relationship developed with the vendor
and extra funds $$$ poured out by us we had not planned for.
Once the shock that this money needed to be paid
and several conversations to understand why is now over.
 Over and resolved but still has me wondering what happens to the
emotions and anxiety of working it out with strangers I am still holding
  in my body.   We didn't win but we got our legal rebate $$.

It's like looking through the fence and seeing the other side
then when you are on the other side it just smells
like a dirty hole we were forced to climb through and rulings that was missed by our realtor
and our lawyer.
It is just money, but that line is getting old with me.

"Sunshine in and darkness out"

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Friday, September 23, 2016

watching over

I was looking at some free downloadable professional photos 
 from the Pexels website (thanks to a blogger friend at Words Art Life for this tip)
and this photo struck me the right way. I felt something when I looked at this
picture.. so here is what I felt:

I feel we are all sheep roaming about and we are all watched over, herded even, and when I see
these sheep and the sheep herder I think of life.  How we gather sometimes and then in this glorified 
country of Canada we know we can roam freely too.

I believe we are watched over with patience and love.

I know that I have been and still am guided, watched over,  listened to
by a higher being.  

Thursday, September 22, 2016

let's make sense

I am learning to
recognize drama.

I feel intuitive and
am trusting it

I like people.
I wish myself and others well.

I also appreciate myself and others
without feeling sorry for anyone.

So... if I
stand for something I won't  fall for anything.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


it is a different September
because of our garden

I do believe September is the new January
everything starts anew and I am not used to all these
tomatoes and trying to keep up with
freezing them as they turn red
in the garden

I am not a canner!
So instead I boil the skins off for 45 secs in boiling water then plopped them in
ice water and the skins fall off (neat) and then I squeeze out the
seeds and juice gently with my hands
and place them into a freezer bag
then  I am putting them in the
coldest part of my deep freezer.
It says they can last up to 12 months like this.
(keep the bags airtight)

Then all the corn cobs had to be brought in 
and we husked them and boiled the cobs, culled the niblets off
and put them in freezie bags

now there are carrots to freeze
they are HUGE.  It's too much for just hubby and I
Food Bank maybe?

So I am a rookie with harvesting a garden
and some of you are canners and die-hards with how to
keep your vegetables lasting through the winter(s).
We will do things differently next year like thinning out the carrot plants
more consistently, and maybe planting 3 tomato plants instead of 6.

Anyway the garden is a good thing and it seems
in this country we can grow our own food in abundance!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Not A BeachBody Just A Dance Student

I began the beachbody fitness programs in June this year.
I did the 21 day fix, yes for 21 days I worked out
from my DVD on my TV for 30 minutes each day.
My Yoga teacher is a beachbody coach and I asked her
one question.  Is this too much for a woman my age?

I was concerned I was too senior to be
working out with weights, pushups and the
cardio.  I was motivated to make my life
more fun and energized and I was willing to
work hard for it.  She recommended the 21 day fix.

So did that and now for the last 2 months I have been
dancing.  I love it!
here is a sample video.

There are so many other fitness challenges and DVD's to purchase and workout with but I chose
this one.

Just to share that if you want to check out the beachbody team and be part of a fitness community.
here is the link and their is a 30 day free membership and also if you join and do not like the programs or Shakeology powder drink there is a 30 day refund. 

it is all about support, working hard with professional trainers and knowing your beachbody nutritionists are number 1 in their Shakeology powder that complements your energy and health while working out.

It is such an uplift of mood and confidence.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Hummingbird distress

We had an influx of Hummingbirds this
They have all left now we noticed, 
except this one was found in our
garage above the garage door; 
squeaking and sounding distressed.

Hubby picked up this bird and
placed it next to the feeder which
still had sugar water in it.

He had to position the tiny pointed long
bill into the drinking hole as this bird
was panting and worn out.

It fell off onto the deck floor a couple of
times in the early evening and we placed it back by the feeder
and by night time we positioned him
on the feeder deck for better support.  He was breathing hard
but not moving and allowed us to pet him and put him back
on the feeder.

By morning this Hummingbird was gone.
It must of flown away and got some
energy back.  We hope. 

They are so tiny even to pick up this bird took a delicate

We pray he had the energy to drink through the
night and then flew off to his flock.