videos on horse

I always like to get a shot or two when
horses are around.
I thought the trees turning colour
would turn out on this video

Ben, our so so favourite horse has been
improving since his accupuncture
treatment a couple of weeks ago!

Bridge fun

growing a little pumpkin

I have a pumpkin that is actually
showing it will be a pumpkin large
enough for fall; hopefully no frost
for awhile (crossing fingers)

it's so cute!
( love it when something makes me feel like a little kid !)

my face-my nature

4 years ago I was sitting
in our Regina condo
and was on facebook and
free offer to discover your natural movement
and profile by living your truth by dressing your truth showed
up on my page.
I jumped in a took the free lesson
I had no problem figuring out what type I was.

It was so much fun and so
intriguing to understand and learn
about my "flaws" and all the good there
is about who I am.

I have not looked back

I am soon flying to Salt Lake City Utah and participating in a weekend
retreat with 400 women all over the world who are flying in just like me to
learn more about why I do the things the way I do and that it is a gift to the world and
how to have confidence to know that it is!

My husband has find out his type and it helps so much in our marriage because he is
a different profile than I.  It is so cool.

I am beyond excited to get their on Sept 21 and talk colors, fabrics, how
to match that with my energy and natural characteristics.  It is so much more
than clothes but yet it is about beauty and learning that we are who we are
and it is a gift.  Even the way I use money and my decision making process that
I now understand completely and it is all okay.  It's me!

technicalities on riding

okay I have muscle tension
I am attempting to re-train my riding
hand positions to keep the upper shoulders
more relaxed

so I need to repost these photos....

as you can see below my hands are turned with
the top of thumbs up

 I have my heels down in this above photo (that's a check mark) ...but hands in wrong position...{sigh}

ok this is better top of thumbs up while holding the reins
and my heels are moving downward

It used to drive me insanely crazy learning this preciseness. I can now see
the benefits when heels are down (I am grounded in my saddle) and my neck and shoulders
are more relaxed with "top of thumbs up".  I sense the horse feels more fluid when I position
myself correctly.

I can ride more relaxed and fluid as well as the horse. Cool stuff!

pot drama

end of August
sometimes means
potted plants need to
be dumped {unfortunately}

Some pots have
drama and character and personality
all in one.  I put these on my deck table and
really enjoying.....

Yoga for Neck and Shoulder stiffness

Just in case you have a sore neck and stressed or just stiff in the upper body - this is great!

Adriene is a great "go-to" for me.  She is on the internet and has 100's of videos.  This one is only 15 minutes.  I like her voice and her personality and explanations....and her dog.

who is your fav yogi-relaxer-calming voice-sincere- helper?

evening on the acreage

It was such a beautiful calm August evening.
We have been out riding several evenings thus far
and it is a relaxing nighttime exercise sessions for
the horses and riders.

Brian is  out walking our arthritic horse Ben to keep his joints moving better.  This
is something hubby has been doing for 2 weeks and Ben is looking stronger.
I think this horse enjoys the low stamina walking jaunts as much as we do.

I am doing the same for myself!  riding and trotting to keep horse and 
me tuned up

I am so grateful I can do this.  It's wonderful to 
work with a strong gentle partner. Just like my husband!
{ooh he will like this post now}

spontaneity art

i have enjoyed my expressionist
last minute (spontaneous) art

It is a release.

 nail polish splatter

 watercolors and oil/acrylic paint markers

keep calm and "art" on!

selfie + new doo

new doo with a golden touch
I am doing the hair cut photos from July 6 to now
I have a new stylist
and I like her!

(I did not plan that my shirt would
match the tea kettle behind or the
Mocha plaque on the wall)

5 weeks ago

so these last two cuts are a bit more stylish
and I need to work on my hair a bit more every day
to keep it stylish!

blow-dry and go girl I am and sometimes it's just wash
and go!  

Cows don't like me

i am walking down the road with me, myself, and I
and these cows see me walking slowly along
and they take off!

Hubby says that I should stop for a minute or
two and then start walking again.  Maybe I have an
intense presence?

I'm not losing sleep over this!

videos on horse

I always like to get a shot or two when horses are around. I thought the trees turning colour would turn out on this video Nada. ...