rose petal soap

I have roses in my garden
it was a last minute idea to throw
a scoop of collected petals
into the soap mix before pouring
into the mould

now let it cure for 6 weeks!

little specks of rose petals in the made bars 

how is your summer?

sewn on for Marilyn

our new grocery store
called Save On Foods and owned by
James Pattison
purchased this dress of Marilyn Monroe's that was
designed and sewn on her to wear and sing in at
JFK's 45th birthday party.  He (Pattison) paid 6.3 million Canadian dollars!

Yorkton Save-On-Foods
had this dress available for viewing
for one day.

When we pulled up into the parking lot
there were several security guards and a few
inside the grocery store as well

it was well received and organized
and apparently this dress was residing in Luseland, SK
where Jim Pattison resided for a few years in
his younger years.

This dress was just a nude colour with crystals attached
to the whole dress. It was simple and extremely sexy especially
on this icon back in that day!

the yard early this morn

I got up so early this morning.
(like 5:30 a.m.)
Plunked my 1/2 awake body
on a lounger on the deck
and quickly grasped the
perfection of this moment; 
July 15, 2017 and its beautiful landscape

Snapped these pics around our house;
next year we will look at these
and hopefully see our trees much taller
than they are now.

arena fun

the poet David Whyte wrote this:

"Anything or Anyone that does not bring you alive; is too small for you"

I think that is a brilliant statement.  Books, People, Animals, Birds, al
are here for us to pick and choose our pleasure and once we find it we are to nourish it, flourish it,
learn more about it, share it.

What does this statement mean to you?

it's just my hair

hair is so
important to women
Some of you may think it is
no big deal

I guess I am getting pickier and want
a certain look now that I have
figured "me" out (finally)

hiring hairdressers
firing hairdressers (never coming back)
would never confront one myself

so it goes on and
picking someone out of the blue
like I did today (once again) because that is what
I usually do and have always done

I get bored with the sameness of the cut
or the colour was wrong

You gals know (right)?

happy today
with this

how is your hair day going?

last month

June was chilly
so kept writing in the mornings

splattered color on my painting
the bottom right corner has to be improved
colours brighter
its the movement of the brush
and texture I find I like


 a special grad

June is usually about family
and some art stuff

.....and horses
This horse is going back home' 4 year old mare
has some issues we are not going to be able to
deal with in 4 weeks

owner advised and explained our concern
(Brian and Brushetta moving Ally around the arena)

Wishing for warmer weather this month
as we all are I am sure!

small and proud

this is a sarcastic post
(a little bit it is)

We go to the 150th Canada Day
Celebration at our Western Development Museum
on July 1st
there was singing and dancing
Historical Vikings in costume,
with all the tools and handicraft
of their lifestyle; as well as a demo
of how they fought and died and survived (interesting).

Brian went to get a Canada Day cupcake or
piece of cake, so we thought, as last year they had
a huge table with cupcakes free for the taking,
all decorated with red and white icing.  It was kind of
(Canada Day 2016)

this year there was no cupcakes or cake to be found
and they gave out small tiny Canada pins.
(very tiny)

 (can you see it?)
I am small but mighty.

this day was for kids at the museum grounds
that is for sure
so we grabbed a hamburger and a fudgsicle
and departed.  All good just expected more!

We saw the fireworks last night and they were good
but nothing too special just kind of the same as usual.
I suppose I was expecting more extravagance?  feel more special as a Canadian citizen (spoil alert)!

physical joys

I am riding again.
5 rides in the last 2 weeks.
I am fit and strong now
my shoulders and back are 
flexible and I am amazed at my
energy and level of health as I enjoy
this 6th decade.

I am so happy to do this one thing,
this one horse and rider
team physical activity.

It boosts my self confidence
and I am riding a good 10 year old
mare to boot!

We have good horses here on kirkville
for riding!  2 of them are getting very senior of course
like Rocky and Ben.  Ziggy is still the first horse
to grab for a ride and Brushetta follows along with him.

I have been trotitng in the riding arena most evenings
and I even warmed up a horse for the therapeutic
riding session last Tuesday.

Now my plan is to do some cantering/loping.
Everything is coming back to me
all the lessons and clinics
and Mantracker instructions.

This is a most pleasurable summer
exercise.  It almost equals being at the lakes
and dipping my body into the waters.

"Summer time ...where the living is easy" tune comes to

The skies blow in lots of wind this season
The evenings
tend to calm down just enough
to enjoy a ride.
I rode inbetween all our tree rows
around our property last night. That was kinda cool!

I haven't lasted long in shorts or even capris yet but
it will happen.

"in the saddle once more....💬  "  🎼

sarcoid on 3 year old colt

This 3 year old colt that we co-own has a couple of bumps on his body.  This video he is
just returning from a vet check and we will wait to see what she recommends for removal.  Vets' don't like to surgically remove these in the summer because of flies as when it is cut out it is not stitched closed.

They recommend natural liquid honey to place on the open wound and it heals very quickly.

New vet healing methods with a natural product.  Who knew?

{it was extremely windy when i took this video so my voice cuts out a bit - sorry!}

rose petal soap

I have roses in my garden it was a last minute idea to throw a scoop of collected petals into the soap mix before pouring into t...