This blog started as a tribute

well I have never been able to keep a consistent journal. I have started many diaries and they are all lovely but I last only a few this blog was created this month to help me grieve a little bit more for my son Graham. There are some "posts" which you can see regarding this sad time in my life. It is also a "special" time that I like to spend with just Graham. (sounds crazy I know but if you have ever lost a child or a very dear beloved is not so crazy).

I have been blessed with a talented brother and sister-in-law who are photo crazy and these are the only photos I have of Graham only 3 weeks before he passed away. He was a very sensitive boy and found his natural skill and interest in horses. He was a very good writer but never found that to be his passion or interest and I tried to encourage him to write more... ah well I have a couple of writings I have found and stashed away in his memory chest. It has been another soul searching January.

I move onto February 2008 ......
I miss him.

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katrina lauren said...

From year to year you will be continually finding ways to honor the life and love of your son. I am glad that you have this outlet to reflect, remember, and celebrate Graham's life. These are beautiful pictures of Graham with Rocky...and you have beautiful memories in your heart that you carry with you always. I keep you in my thoughts and in my friend Donna

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