the story of "Otis"

this pic was e-mailed to me yesterday along with some other horses, hence forth (the light shone from above) and something said - talk about it Donna.... so this pic took me back and makes me go...ahhhhh I miss you big Otis and then a few tears......because.....there is always a horse to teach you things. This is the horse. Graham's first horse bought just for him...pickup horse for the bronc cowboys in the rodeos, willing animal, big heart, do not think the owners took care of him after his rodeo stints. ... we bought him in 2001 and Graham was silently ecstatic (as was his nature) and this horse became his pride and joy, until...the lameness for no reason and then he would get better and then lameness for no reason, psychologically willing but--- we believe his muscles had been overused and worn, no one could really figure out how to fix his sporadic bouts of lameness because he always gave what he could when he was ridden. Otis was taken over to our friends acreage at Qu'Appelle, SK the next year (2002) and still resides their peacefully. Brian tells me of a time that Graham and him both went for a ride just across country to a neighbours' yard...but ended up walking back home because Otis was limping too badly all of a sudden...that is when the tears came from Graham as he thought he had hurt his horse, Brian said he cried all the way home.------- I never know what to say about this horse except; now he is at peace and looking wonderful and happy and is ridden very little and has wonderful care from our friends, Wendy and Gerald.
---Graham ended up riding Rocky and it worked out well, but I wonder if Otis had stayed with us if things would be different now.... who knows?

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katrina lauren said...

my first real horse, meaning not a pony, was a quarter horse named Passum...and he too had a problem with lameness...but oh was i proud of him...and would spend hours with him...brushing him and singing to him! It is nice that you know where Otis is...and you know that he has a loving home there too...

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