A day at the "Jaw"

Here we are at "Quisnos" in Moose Jaw. We had just finished our supper and about to go our separate ways back home. We met for a yummy lunch at the Yvette Moore Art Gallery in Moose Jaw on Saturday and an enjoyable afternoon of shopping (notice the new "RED" purse on the table beside Wendy - the pink purse has been set aside) and then a nice long relaxing soak in the mineral spa pool at the Temple Gardens. It was a nice break for me. Wendy and I discussed our riding goals this year with her new horse "Cody" and my horse "Rocky" and talked alot about "Otis"... remember my blog story?. Otis is doing awesome and her husband Gerald is looking forward to riding him this year. After 18 months of no one on him Gerald went and saddled Otis and got up on him and a beautiful ride was had. That's a good horse! I was so thrilled that Otis has a rider.,,,anyway it was definitely a "girlfriend" day to remember!


katrina lauren said...

Girls days are the best!!
Looking forward to checking out the new red handbag!


gerald and wendy said...

i hope you had fun,all i had for supper was weiners and beans

gerald and wendy said...

i hope u girls had fun,i never got any supper hahaha


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