"Good" Friday

thinking of Shelley Dingwall... who is now facing the reality of Gary's funeral with all their family and friends around.... did you feel you were ready for his passing?.., but the finality of it is never expected when it is finally over. I want this to be a "happy" day for you as people can gather around and talk about all the memories that God gave them and that they can share amongst each other... I pray that is what the day will be! What would we do if we didn't have those memories? Shelley, this little blog post is for you as I remember a few years ago you were kind and compassionate with me as I courageously went into work everyday. Thank you!

This day is a day of cooking turkey and preparing a nice dessert at our house and there is only Brian and I here to share it (of course visiting Tom in Lethbridge is happening tommorrow with chocolate easter bunny in tow). But you learn to live with those special holidays and living with the always broken circle.
Our grief and other's we know of (too many to mention).... this good friday is for you.

an Easter tradition has been added in our family and this is a picture of my son's headstone and the laying of a new easter flower (thanks to my sister Barb's creativity) that Brian and I placed today.

Have a blessed Easter and I hope I didn't make anybody too sad!

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