Rock Gardening

what a great afternoon at the library. Brenda Whinny from the Horticultural Society was hilarious and very informative about how to build rock gardens and what are the best plants and rocks to use. My favourite perennial plants that I will put in my garden are the sedum (blood dragon), violet and the new lovely micro daylilies, crocus and the "achillea tomentose (yellow flower with silver leaves). I am starting to sound pretty smart about plants aren't I? Bringing the rocks into the yard and layering them in the dirt is the first trick. She said to always bury a rock at least 1/2 inch in the ground and slanted backwards so the mositure will drain in the bed. When my garden is complete I will take a picture of it!

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katrina lauren said...

I am always so excited in the spring to buy flowers and watch them grow! I would love to do a perennial garden this summer, i love how they look...and that they come back year after year!
looking forward to pictures of your yard this summer!

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