delightful gifts...

odd assortment of cacti to place on my kitchen window sill..i love it...a gift from Tom
my birthday was on Tuesday and what an overwhelming surprise of delights i received from some special people..

plant pot with packaged seeds and garden gloves inside (created by Gladys) + fun decor outdoor statues for my rock garden (from Laurie and Norma) ..the pressure is on to create my rock garden soon...alas..if we ever get spring i will start to dig and create..i have found quite a few large flat rocks and started a pile...i am getting anxious to start!
i received a unique and large crystal from Leah ....a clear quartz crystal is a perfect healing mineral stone very useful with my "healing touch" energy treatments - i could not get a good picture of it with my basic little camera as the light reflects from it and makes it blurry..ask me if you want to see it... awesome!

my birthday pedicure from Brian. i went to the Glass Slipper Spa across from the Co-op Mall..very nice. lavender and soy pedicure lasted 1 hour and 20 minutes - heaven!

oh.. + Katrina served me with a fresh homemade cinnamon bun ..yummmmmmyyy

thanks for making this a special day!

1 comment:

Cass said...

Yes, I'm glad you were so very spoiled this year!
You deserve all wonderful days such as this one ...

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