i'm so grateful for your love...

...my birthday is tommorrow and I came home tonite and on the dining room table was a simple envelope. I knew it was from Brian and this is what it said (yes, i cried and it is all so true). This is what our marriage has been and will continue to be.

it's so easy to love someone when a relationship is just beginning because both people are always looking their best, saying their best, acting their best.
But those days have come and gone for us, and you still love me,
You've seen me at my absolute worst, both physically and emotionally, and love me in spite of it.
You've been supportive when I've felt good about everything in my life and even more so when my self-esteem was low.
You've shared in the celebration of my achievements and helped me deal with my anger and disappointment when everything seemed to be falling apart.
You've been at my side when I've felt proud and strong, and you've held me close and listened when I needed to be taken care of,
We've been through so much since we first fell in love.. and still you love me,
And that makes me love you even more

Happy Birthday
All my love, 'B'

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katrina lauren said...

so nice...hope that you have a wonderful day! Enjoy!

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