the reptile "Freddy"

Our "red-eared Turtle, the most beautiful of turtles.
this is one pet that I have not shown a pic of and it needs to be mentioned. This turtle has been a focal point of interest for both Tom and Graham as they were growing up. We got this turtle as a baby 20 years ago!

"Freddy's Adventures
1. competitor in turtle races at the Prince Albert Library
2. "good sport camper" at Sask. Landing when we were waiting for our house at Kirkville acreage to be painted
3. Freddy has fallen out of his tank several times and the last time he actually cracked his shell and bleeding - vet advice required!
4. boys brought home a river clam when they went fishing up north and plunked it in the turtle tank with Freddy. Then I noticed a couple of days later that the clam had part of Freddy's front leg in it. best get clam out!
5. Tom's hiding place for his hearing aids when he was 2 years old was in Freddy's tank! rrrrrhhhh!
6. thanks to Tracy Wall's donation of a large turtle/fish aquarium, Fred is doing great and doesn't fall out anymore....

every boy that has ever visited our home have always asked "How's Freddy"? and away we go to the turtle tank and out comes the turtle to touch, watch and poke at and then back in the tank and head for the sink .....OKAY LET'S ALL WASH OUR HANDS NOW!!


GhostOwl said...

Freddy will be coming with me when I'm moving out! Next time you'll see him in a nicer tank when I get a job and can afford it!

katrina lauren said...

cute post!
made me smile....

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