aging and vitality

yesterday i had a vital body balance done and it left me feeling very informed about my body but some issues i still need to deal with so i was quite tired and did not want to do much. Brian said he was going out in the riding arena to work with our foal.... i had no energy, felt a bit guilty as he said.. "but that's okay Donna i will just ride by myself", well ...i pried myself from the sofa and pushed myself to go for a walk at the very least..and as i came back i took a quick little picture (my video would not show on my post) of "rocky" training "rascal"...Rocky's ears were funny to watch because he had many warning signals being sent out to "Rascal"...ears back...don't get ahead of me...ears forward...okay.. now you are following correctly.... one ear forward and one ear back.....??? ah..what are you doing? very funny and always interesting!

as for my body well i am not so youthful and strong like the horses and watching the foal try and learn was great fun and motivating for the body saga continues the whiplash is still in my neck so i need to do my homework and work on those muscles she says my collarbone is gone and replaced with jammed muscles - lovely!!! my hips are feeling more alive today and but were stiff and tired last nite...the walk helped. Aging...just love it

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