we went to Brian's hometown of Langenburg this last weekend and these things were little highlights for me...

Trev and Carol did a great job in the old farm house upgrade. I love the red door.

a exciteable greeting when we entered the farm. "Storm" on the left in full stand up position as he jumped so high he was so crazy he was jumping over everything only a year old... and "Ralph" on the right the blue healer.

of course some horse highlights, these are two year old colts at Brian's cousin's horse breeding ranch..

i had a hard time getting a close up of this precious little black filly born in April, this was a rare moment when mom and baby were not glued together, how sweet!

this was a very friendly buckskin filly that was just born in April. She was so loving and friendly.

yup Grampa Kirk turned 90 in Feb and just bought a brand new trailer and it is parked out at From's Lake (Carlton Trail Park) just a few miles from Langenburg. You are never too old to enjoy life. we were helping him set up things in his trailer and the biggest challenge was the TV and DVD but we got it finally.

Wilf and I having a drink while we instructed Brian how to get the TV/DVD to work. Cheers to camping!

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Snowflake said...

It looks like the trees haven't leafed out yet on the other side of the province. When I was in Yorkton a couple weeks ago I thought things were a bit later than here. In the last week the leaves here have really popped. Sounds like you had a great weekend visiting with family!!

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