Growing up

This young hawk is growing fast and is almost ready to leave the nest. There are 3 baby hawks in the nest and I have been watching them for about 1 month (from egg to now!) I have become attached to them, but they are wild and they have to leave soon. This one hawk who is standing is my favorite one of the nest, and it has sure grown to be a nice strong looking animal. I pray for their survival and wish them the very best.

Post and photos by Thomas Kirk.

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Shirls said...

Donna what an opportunity to see the little ones get there wings and fly away. God sure has placed a lot of lifes little miracles but we just got to take the time to look and listen. You are doing such a great job of blogging and I can certainly tell that you love it~~~

Donna said...

you are right Shirl - i do love blogging - Tom put this post up and took the pictures - i am encouraging him to try blogging again!
see you this morning at the "INN" place!!

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