where wife makes fence....

Brian and I are constructing a fence together and here he is enjoying a nice juicy red apple as he contemplates the next step to the construction of the new riding arena fence. I was hard at it all day helping him measure, drill holes and once in a while i was even hammering the big nails to the post......i know that he was thinking to himself ....hmmmmm.... Swift Current's "Where Life Makes Sense" slogan is pretty lame, but Kirkville's slogan is "Where Wife Makes Fence!

why walk around when i can go under.

gracefully pounding the big nail to the post...it's all that yoga strength.

i wonder what Mike Holmes would say?

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Anonymous said...

It looks like Brian is getting skinny. He needs a cinnamon bun, not a apple. You are quite a comedian I must say..."Where wife makes fence"...that was a good one. You look like a girl pounding a nail. You've got to move in more and wap that sucker!!!!
Happy fence building and try not to have too many BOSS/GOPHER fights.
Keep laughing!!!
Love Gladys

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