yoga for the rest of us

stretching is so important for me especially as i get older and helps me alot with my "tin man" joints and back problems. Peggy Cappy has provided my body with such relief and a knowing i can do at least 90% of the stretches well. She is my mentor for physical strength and focus. I love this reminder and i need to post it in front of me all day long.....

Take as many conscious breaths as you can in a day. Even one at a time.. Starting right now. Make it slow, long and deep. In and out. Try another.
Do one more, this time with a smile on your face.

How do you feel... a little calmer, more relaxed, or peaceful?

I have taken yoga with other instructors and loved those classes too, but my body cannot go that quickly anymore so i found Peggy!

you can check out her "yoga for the rest of us" DVD yoga, this link shows a video clip.


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katrina lauren said...

peggy is a great is about finding harmony between mind & body....the beneifts are the same no matter the level. i am glad that you are able to pratise and find the peace that yoga wouldn't think that we have to remind ourselves to breath....but we do!!

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