little girls weekend

well this was Aunty and Uncle's big weekend with our nieces Jaida (8 1/2) and Kaitlyn (6 1/2). It is Sunday night (5:53 be exact)and Uncle Brian is snoring in the big chair in the living room and i am setting up this collage of pictures that explains the 3 days we had out here with them.....we are blessed to have family who share their children with to you both Jaida and Kaitlyn!


Cass said...

Oh, great pictures Donna ... and of course another great collage! :)
I'll see you tomorrow for a proper catch-up!

Lisa said...

The picture are sooo great, the girls had such a good time, they are still taking about having fun.. Thank so much for having the girl we appreciated it.

katrina lauren said...

Precious sweet girls! looks like you had a busy and fun weekend! love the rubber boots...too cute!

Brandi said...

Donna these are great pictures!! :)
Looks like you girls had a fun week end! I love horses as well but have not ridden in years.

Hope all is well and your having a great summer

Shirls said...

Hey Donna,
Love the blog and your nieces are little sweethearts! I wonder who enjoyed the weekend more..the gals or Uncle and Auntie. Love those little ones they are Gods way of making us stop and "smell the coffee".
You do such awesome collages I simply enjoy looking at the blogs!

See you soon Donna and keep blogging!

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