the thorpes' and the kirks'

Morley and Shirley are our tried and true friends and we spent an evening on their deck one night on the August 1st long weekend. We had wine and an excellent supper. Shirley cooked salmon and had a terrific salad from her garden. Brian and Morley and Cole (their youngest son) built the deck that we are sitting on and it is sooooo lovely. enjoyed myself.
Morley and Shirley loved Graham almost as much as Brian and I do and they still have a picture of him on their TV wall unit even after 4 and 1/2 years. Shirley bought me a "willow tree" ornament of a boy and he is holding a golden heart to his chest. it stands for "holding you in my heart forever"! i cried and cried it meant so much to me. love you lots Morley and Shirley - even tho we do not see you often you are the truest of friends.


Cass said...

Good friends are rare treasures ... so it's lovely to hear of these "gems" in your life!

Shirls said...

Donna you are so right we cannot put a value on "friendship" cause they are "priceless".

God has a way of bringing these special people into our lives doesn't He?

Thanks for being my FRIEND Donna..

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