cowboy poetry

Morley Thorpe (our cowboy poet along with his wife Shirley (the woman who makes it all happen for him :).. are here and we are heading for a weekend of poetry with ranchers, cowboys, cowgirls, ranch lifestyle exhibition booths and displays, good country folk music and lots of "cowboy poetry"........ every year Maple Creek, Sask. has an annual cowboy poetry weekend where all poets gather to tell their ranchin stories in verse and rhyme.

stay tuned....... hope to get some good photos of the weekend..and hopefully some pics of Morley presenting his poetry in true Morley is a different little world in Maple Creek this time of year!

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Anonymous said...

It is so fun to "get out of town" like the saying goes and just enjoy new sights, sounds and scenary (ie: cowboys)..See you tommorow my friend!

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