"gentle flow"

i feel so great, my muscles are revived with life and vitality and my back bone is stacked up like it should (that is how it feels anyway)... i went to my first yoga class at "Yoga Conexion" after work and it is called "Gentle Flow" class. I spent a whole hour yog(ing) with a couple of friends, but yet we all had our 'ohm' space. i laughed at my friend as she departed with that statement. I am so glad I have 13 more weeks of doing this practice.

here is a quote to think on from my "yoga" monthly newsletter:

Really big people are, above everything else, courteous, considerate and generous - not just to some people in some circumstances - but to everyone all the time."

Thomas J. Watson - 1874-1956, Founder of IBM


Shirls said...

Dk I love your new blogg look... it is so fresh and clean looking. Yoga was great wasn't it and we did enjoy our "ommm" space! Live, Laugh and Love that is what Yoga helps us with, right?

katrina lauren said...

So glad that you enjoyed your practice last night!! What a great thing to do for ourselves!

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