Maple Creek

every Sept Morley and Shirley come to our place to attend the Maple Creek Cowboy poetry weekend... we visit alot and then head to Maple Creek to listen to some poetry (Shirley and I like the fun shopping spots and display booths that are there). Before they left Sunday they stopped in for supper............. ...

chatting and a lesson in tying a knot (bowline knot) my husband is very much an expert on tying knots Morley was receiving some instruction with wife Shirley looking on!

Will Ballantyne from Unity, Sk played the mandolin and violin. He was very talented and young (and very handsome young man) entertaining to listen to and watch!

This is a Dobro guitar which was a musical instrument played by one fella in "Chris and Sharkey's" little band, they were very good and i have never seen a guitar played like that.

I thought i would share a poem that was created by and eloquently presented by our friend Morley Thorpe...

Bristles and Bristlers

The time has come to ad my quip about the bristle brush that often sprouts upon a cowboy’s upper lip,

Prominent feature of barrel-chested men with names like Big Jake or Tex

Truly masculine domain seldom shared with the fairer sex

black, auburn, salt and pepper, even rusty red

Some women argue it’s as useful as any part of a man’s head

Permanent lip warmer, food and soup strainer

Perched above poetic license disclaimer

Long flowing, droopy, or wax pointed with upward bend

silken soft or straight brittle brown to the end

Thoughtful stroke in time of perplexion adds to the image of wisdom and reflection

Heavy handlebar hitter on doorjam when passing thru

is the envy of others on bristle lip crew

although a real sink “messer” when you need to shear it

a stately symbol of independence and free spirit

If people ask “why don’t you trim that mess?”

Speak of manly virtue or some other nonsensical process

As forehead shine lengthens, side trimmed with grey

The ‘stache’ laughs it off as luxuriant and thick as fresh cut hay

Some drawbacks to the clean shaven I can explain

when caught in a beer can only Bristlers’ know the pain

As a proud member of ‘stache’ fraternity I seldom complain or misbehave

Besides, my wife keeps me so busy I have no time to shave

Morley Thorpe performing and was also Master of Ceremonies....he was a real "ham" and so professional...check it out next year!


Shirls said...

It sounds like you had a fun weekend with your friends...that is so good Donna! Poetry is so fun to write and I give your friend lots of credit for sharing his talents.

katrina lauren said...

looks like a great weekend....
it is always so fun to get together with old friends!

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