my little rock garden

well...i am pleased with the progress on my garden i started in May (remember Tom and Brian compiling rocks blog?)

these plants are all perennials and drought resistant (sedums)...they just really started to grow well in the past month..

a big bug to oversee the growth..

pretty pink flowers

a large leafy sedum with tall purple flowers shooting up

this plant is so unique each leaf is like a little green rose

i really like this grassy plant

....i also have "Thyme" planted and it smells so nice... what fun to care for them and watch them take shape and grow!


katrina lauren said...

nice rock garden. I like the grassy plants as well...looks great! Nice new blog format as well!

Shirls said...

My goodness your rock garden looks so nice...good job Donna~

I love my flowers this year and next year there will be another garden to plant and watch grow..yippee! Hopefully by then I am blogging and I can share some photos.
See you Monday..can't wait!

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