Just trying to clear my head so i thought i would blog it (bear with me it may not make sense)

.....register for yoga class doesn't count need this for my health!
.....cancel interest in credit union noon hour yoga
.....Mom's birthday Sept 18
.....need cash for laptap purchase from my brother ($$$$$$$)
.....remember to breathe! inhale/exhale (this does not cost anything!)
.....enjoying memories of this summer, Montana, rock garden, green grass, lots of rain, horses did not get ridden much because of too many projects in the yard to do....Brian and I built a new fence facing south and east and in the process of putting slats on this new fence for a snow/wind break which would mean no snow buildup in our driveway...hoorah!
......contractor hired for next year for all new windows/eavestroughs and new siding on our house ...that makes me nervous but glad we are deciding to upgrade and become more energy efficient with our home.($$$$$$$)
......praying for Trev (Brian's brother) as his wife Carol has decided she is done with chemo and surgery and any treatments- she just wants quality of life before she passes on....don't know how long..but she is happy with her decision.
......i will canter well on my english saddle and trusty horse (positive thinking) - i have to get past this slump i am in..i signed up for a one day clinic with instructor Sept 13

......just want to sit and read a good book tonite
......should i take Healing Touch Level III in Nov - i must! ($$$$$ once again)
......would like a new saddle from Western Rawhide...i can get it at cost from a lady in MacLean, SK $$$$$$

i love the dynamics of blue and red on this mosiac - it helps me feel assertive and definite right now!

1. Christmas bush on blue, 2. Diagonally red, 3. ocean colour scene #3, 4. Tulips, 5. Cupcakes au chocolat, chantilly à la lavande - Chocolate Cupakes with Lavender Chantilly, 6. Blue Bubbles, 7. :-), 8. 4 d man, 9. red parasol, 10. VERANO, 11. Untitled, 12. Pop up, 13. red tulips, 14. Strawberry-scape, 15. Looking forward to better days ahead, 16. Brute force ..., 17. Berry Christmas!, 18. In the Spa, 19. looking back..., 20. lights_02, 21. Untitled, 22. aqua kitchen with reds, 23. Red/Aqua, 24. roozengaarde


Anonymous said...

Lots of thoughts going on in your head right now! Love the mosaic! So sorry about your sister-in-law, but I think it is so important that those who are unwell have say in their treatment programs and can follow their gut on what is right for them. I will be thinking of you and your family through this difficult time. Sharla

katrina lauren said...
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katrina lauren said...

(my comment i just delete from above was here i go again!)

great to get these thoughts that roll around in our heads out on paper/blog so that we can stop worrying about forgetting something!
i love the mosiac....
i always love how a blue sky makes for a great background in pictures. i especially love the beach picture and want to climb into one of those chairs and forget about reality (even if only for a moment)
hope you had a great day off!
Chat soon

Cass said...

ah-ha!! someone's been talking to Katrina this week, methinks, and had fun changing up her blog look too! great job ...

love the list, love the to-do's and thoughts for plans, and love the red and blue mosaic!

Shirls said...

I love the Mosaic Donna with all those happy colors... and the new blog look is great!

I am looking forward to the Yoga as I am sure it is "just what the Doc ordered". I haven't done a Yoga class for a while so my body will probably have some issues.


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