it is in us to give....


I am so proud of Tom because today he is donating his A negative blood at a blood donor clinic in Lethbridge for the first time ever!. He is terrified of needles, but I know he will try...even if it does not happen or your blood or health at the time is not can always try again or volunteer instead.. I know Tom wants to feel he can help people in need and continue to be a valuable contributor to our society "it is in us to give"

Each clinic I attend I see more youth walking in to these clinics... maybe not as much as the "more mature" generations are; but the Canadian Blood Services are going into the high schools and colleges, and universities and educating our children of the importance of donating.

on Monday Brian and I hope to give our blood once again to someone in need. I do not know if there is a way you can track your blood donation to a patient in need...i think you special is that.

i don't like the needle in my arm much but it is only for 5 we go again can't wait to see what treats we get to eat after..i like the timmy's little donuts, peach juice (favorite), or tea biscuits with raisins and butter on it.....and then you get to visit a little while you replenish some sugar back into your body ('sweet') Tom says..

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Catherine said...

My boy is scared of needles too so I can appreciate how proud you must be of Tom for overcoming his fear for such a very good cause! I wish I could be so brave to overcome my fear of flying! Brigitte doesn't want me to take Gravol as she is scared she will have to roll me off the plane!!! Ha, ha! I am lucky I will have my BFF with me to hold my hand! PS - I like the "rent space in my head" quote as well!

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