thankful talents

we shared our little talents amongst the 3 of us this weekend, and were thankful for who we are... we had fun showing off ...the pies were made by Brian and that includes the pastry. Tom made the lemon meringue! yes my men can cook!

creating a bedside shelf for his dorm

Sunday nite table set- nothing fancy, just turkey, asparagus and mashed potatoes with gravy

"stuffing" more than just a turkey! (how is a person supposed to pack a sleeping bag into its original bag cover?) Brian, the Dad was the winner!

Tom asked "where are all the toques - it's cold out... so i threw this santa/elf hat at him and he went with it ...of course (ha!)

the grand finale on Mon nite...Tom making us a special supper...(gramma bought Tom this hat when he was in junior high, I still had it in my kitchen drawer!)

sliced potatoes marinated in olive oil, garlic, parsley, sea salt and chix boullion powder

salmon fillets coated with poppy seed

the final test - this was a "sumptious" meal

Brian and I both felt this was the best thanksgiving in years!

oh and I could not refrain from a little Halloween fun in our yard


Brandi said...

Donna your entry put a smile on my face!! It looked like your family had a great Thanksgiving :) Isn't it nice to show off your skills, we should show off everyday LOL!!
Love it

katrina lauren said...

looks like a great thanksgiving gathering....and great food too! Yum! Nice photos of your all look so happy!
thanks for sharing!

Snowflake said...

Sounds like you had a some great family time and a wonderful Thanksgiving. The food looked yummy too!

Catherine said...

You're men cook? That was truly something to be thankful for! Do they do dishes too? :-) Looks like you have a lovely Thanksgiving. Good for you!

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