home sweet home

I stayed at home today and did little things like:
..slept in until nine
..had 3 cups of tea in bed after I woke up
..made a nice meatloaf and potatoes for supper
..re-sewed the buttons on my new black wool coat while watching "Bold and Beautiful" soap {my favourite) and Sue Thomas FBI {another fav}.
.. did some journalling
I checked outside and saw "Summer" sitting out in the front lawn..... it was too windy and blowing snow, biting cold.... No "body break" walk to the coulee tonite {sigh}.... maybe tommorrow night. Yup~ little ol' me is walking in the dark. I am mastering my fear of the black night (with my dog and flashlight).

I turned on the xmas lights outside (these lights have been on this big evergreen for years) we replaced most of the bulbs. Light is comforting in the dark.


Catherine said...

Tea in bed - love it! And love your outide lights with the wintery frost on the tree. Beautiful!

Cass said...

Oh, sounds like SUCH a lovely day ... a wee bit jealous of the sleep-in and the relaxing time to yourself! :)

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