ebony and ivory

My morning was industrious...feed snowball, do laundry, rug hooking, and clean up the xmas tree needles and branches mess from dragging in our real tree we brought home last nite. I walked by grandma Trembley's piano in the basement and brought out the Christmas music and started to play. Every Christmas I practice all the songs I love at Christmas time and play them for my family to put us in the Christmas spirit.

Playing the piano was a personal anguish when I was growing up and Mom and Dad kept sending me to piano lessons. I finally quit when I took my grade 6 piano exam and had to play in front of adjudicators/judges or whatever you call them. I passed and I never continued further.

I am so grateful for my dad and mom for making me take lessons. I find it so relaxing and enjoyable now, when I practice...I do get rusty...so I polish myself up every December. I am not one for playing the piano in front of people because I just get too nervous! Brian and Tom and Mom and Dad love to hear me play {they are my biggest fans}

this piano I bought from the "family" for $400 about 15 years ago. It was my grandma's piano so it is a family heirloom that I treasure and it still plays beautiful...the piano tuner comes every once in a while and says "man if i could be in that good of shape when I am a 100 years old....".


Catherine said...

You are very lucky to be able to "tickle the ivorys"! I wish I could play better then I do. I only know 5 songs and my boys run away when I start to play! :-( Perhaps I should put "learn to play the piano" on my Bucket List!! :-)

Cass said...

Christmas music and oh, a real tree! Sounds lovely ...sigh.

Thomas said...

Thats good mom i hope to hear your piano playing soon

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