holiday dE-sTrEss

a "personal" tip from my home spa lady friend Marilee..
Its not meditation......
Its not a yoga posture. . .
Its not a special food or supplement...
if you do overindulge, doing this will mobilize the overindulgences out of you!
similar benefits of doing 30 minutes of exercise!

{photo credit thomas kirk}

The 7 Minute Body Scrub at Your Bathroom Sink
no special equipment necessary
just hot water, a wash cloth, and your naked bod

1. create privacy in your bathroom and have your night clothes
ready to put on
2. get a (preferably white) washcloth
3. undress and stand in front of your bathroom sink
3. fill up your sink with the hottest water you can stand
4. fold the washcloth over four times and without burning yourself
dip the washcloth into the water and wring out
5. starting at the top of your body (you can do your face or skip
over it - I do mine lightly) slightly scrub the skin rubbing
back and forth, circular, or downward motions.
6. when the washcloth cools dip it back in, wring out fold and
continue scrubbing (you'll start to see evidence of the results
of your scrub on your white wash cloth)
7. work your way down your body - under your chin and neck and back of neck, chest, (around your breasts), down your arms (inside and out - making sure you get under your armpits), your hands including each finger and palm, stomach, lower abdomen, lower back and anywhere on your back you can reach, butt cheeks, and down both legs front and back, and even do your feet - each toe and soles of the feet.(remember to keep dipping in the hot water and if the water cools, make it hot again.)


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