Sunday afternoon get away...

pulling on our boots,
walking to the barn,
we saddled our horses,
adjusted the girth,
with a foot in stirrup,
hooves stomped the ground,
the wind was down,
the snow was soft,
with a nudge of the spur
we trotted along
nostrils flaring in the moist foggy air
'till the feet got cold
and our faces flush
we steered towards home
enjoying the rush!


Brandi said...

love the pictures, those are cool. We are going on a sleigh ride with the horses this year and I can hardly wait. I will take pictures and share them.

katrina lauren said...

hmmm...inspired by corb lund perhaps? great post. way to use your creativity...i enjoy the photos as well!

Catherine said...

Love the pictures of your boys! Keep them coming! Great pictures of you on top of the horse taking a snap of the ground!

Thomas Kirk said...

Heehee, I love those horses! Tell the horses that I love them too!

Dave & Lisa said...

Great pictures Donna.. love reading you blog.. Lv the Trembleys..

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