16 things about me

readers of "ordinary courage" blog are tagged to list 16 things about themselves...so here is mine
1. I love belts. I have 6 belts and one hip belt on order from Coldwater Creek {one rhinestone leather belt, one leather tooled brown belt, 1 brown suede belt, 1 black belt w/silver accent, 1 black belt w/gold and silver accent, and one multi-braided belt
2. My favourite movie right now “Lonesome Dove” movies {not the TV series}
3. I love libraries..i secretly would love to work at a library..the power of the word and all the resources to anything you want to know!
4. I own 5 pairs of footwear that I love. I have 1 pair of Ariat black cowboy boots, one pair of English riding lace up boots, 1 pair of Vasque hiking runners, 1 pair of “Joseph Seibel” zip up shoes and 1 pair of “Joseph Seibel” leather sandals,
5. I do a totally perfect impression of a person with a British accent.
6. I don’t like cussing but sometimes I use a really bad word that just says it all!
7. I am obsessed with my body’s muscular pains and will go to great lengths to feel physically perfect even if it is for only a few hours – massage, physio, energy therapy, hot/cold packs, books on self-massage treatments, yoga and …….. REFLEXOLOGY is the best for any body therapy treatment in my books!
8. I'm afraid of SNAKES but I find them the most fascinating animal. Ask me about my hike to the snake dens at Grasslands National Park in 1995.
9. I love westerns with romance and I love the classic “Gone With The Wind” {Scarlet O’Hara}. I still love the movie the Sound of Music
10. I do not like spicy food. I tried the least spiciest food at a Mexican restaurant in Missoula, Montana and I had trouble finishing it.
11. I am very sarcastic in nature and cover up my introverted personality with my sense of humour.
12. I drink lots of water {Dasani is my fav bottled water) every week and we have a distiller at home for our water. I love water {swimming, canoeing, showering, etc.)
13. I'm an introvert. I'm very comfortable speaking in front of people when I really know what I am talking about; I don’t like large house parties like baby showers, wedding showers, xmas parties or too much small talk with people I don't know. I get very impatient. I like small groups of good friends and family.
14. I do not like to bake and normally don’t entertain lots of people in my home. I love having friends/family over for a BBQ or weiner roast or just coffee in my living room.
15. I love being “behind the scenes” in most anything I do. Put me in the forefront or in charge of a large project or have me stand up at my own farewell party is way too much focus on myself and I will let you know about it! This drives my husband crazy as he always thought I would be in a higher position with my career by now.
16. I own 6 bathing suits, one red tankini, one blue 3 piece tankin {blue skirt, flowered bikini bottom, blue tank with spaghetti straps} 1 navy speedo and 1 light blue speedo, 1 black tankini with silver sequins on the straps and around the neck}and 1 brown one piece with turquoise piping

...so if you’re reading this and haven’t already done it, consider yourself tagged! Please leave a comment or a link of your blog, even if you’ve already done something similar! If you don’t have a blog to post it on, then feel free to leave your info in the comments! I’d love to learn more about you all!


Catherine said...

I love the movie "Lonesome Dove" as well! It's a good one. Next time we pass each other in the hall at work I would really love to hear your British accent! You are too funny! Cheerio! Ha, ha!

katrina lauren said...

a fun read donna... ;o)
although, you might want to consider reading up on elephants & moving snakes out of the most "fascinating" animal position...
just a thought....

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