a photo or 2!

I am sitting here in my robe with a good book and blanket, and so glad January is almost over and thought i would post these 2 pictures. The 1st one is Tom's sunset photo from this last summer... i love how he captured the sky's sunset..it is beautiful and the coffee cup is how I am spending my weekend, {pretending the rose is by my cup} photo credit Tanya Mass

We were supposed to head into Regina today for a family gathering but the windchill kept us at home and this is okay......better to be safe and comfortable, but I am little disappointed to not be there...however the fireplace is burning, Brian is playing cards on the laptop and my book is becoming quite intriquing "Promise Me" by Harlan Coben. Also Summer seems better today and still gets himself up to go outside when we ventured outside for chores.... a nice relaxing morning!


Snowflake said...

I'm spending my morning doing exactly the same thing. Abbey (a yorkie/maltese cross) is snuggled beside me and after a quick check of my usual morning reading on the computer I plan to have another cup of coffee and finish my book.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great morning! So glad to hear Summer is a bit better today.


Thomas said...

I am so happy Summer is doing better! Why is he better? Its all because of you mom. PLEASE don't ever stop the healing touch stuff. If anyone tried to discourage you, they are idiots.

Energy healing works, it really does and it's a power not everyone is aware of. It will work on people, plants and animals! Summer obviously likes his treatments!

Shirls said...

I am glad that summer is doing better!Tom is so right "keep up the healing touch" Donna. Energy healing is amazing and you for sure "have the touch".

Having a spa day today.. filled with exercise, warm bath, quiet music and a facial...loving it! All is need is a healing touch from my friend.

See you tommorow!

katrina lauren said...

Sounds like such a snuggly, peaceful day! Sometimes it's nice to look out at the frosty world around us and know you don't have to leave your warm cozy home!
So glad that Summer is doing better...dogs make such special friends. Your healing treatments are a special gift...you have the touch!

Brandi said...

you made me want a cup of tea in the worst way. Sounds very relaxing and peaceful. have a good day Donna
great sunset pic Thomas!

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