One Year Anniversary for My Blog!

It is one year today that I started this blog and I did some fun statistics for a “year in review”…..

Most Popular Blog Posts from Commenters:

A Personal History Jan 14, 2009
Cold weather and Projects – Dec 20, 2008
Serenity – Dec 17, 2008
13 years ago – Nov 3, 2008
Home for Thanksgiving – Oct 10, 2008
Art of Doing Nothing – Sept 28, 2008

My Most Meaningful/Fun Blog Posts:

A Personal History – Jan 14/09
Time and Trouble – Jan 8, 2009
Inside the Kirkville home – Feb 8, 2008
The story of Otis – Feb 20, 2008
My Family Mosiac – March 29, 2008
Psalm 139:12– May 7, 2008
Body Break – Oct 1, 2008
Happy Halloween – October 30, 2008
Step by Step ..How difficult can it be? Nov 12, 2008
Sunday Afternoon Getaway - Dec 8. 2008

The most daring/courageous blog post for me:

'the Holiday De-Stress' {Dec post} blog and '16 Things About Me' {Jan 09) blog


Cass said...

yay, happy blogiversary!!!

{love the blogged blog photo!! ... and nice scanner .... oh, jealous!}

loved your '16 things about me' ... and can't wait to read more 'donna-isms' in the years to come. i'm so glad you're enjoying blogging so much, you've learned so much since the beginning and have a great blog now!!

Catherine said...

Indeed Happy Blogiversary!!! Good for you! It's pure therapy isn't it? A good creative outlet. Keep on bloggin!

Brandi said...

Happy Blog Anniversary Donna!
I love reading your blog! I know how addicting this blogging can be and I just love the circle of people that I blog for!

PS your horses in the picture above are beautiful.

katrina lauren said...

hip hip...happy blogiversary!
i have so enjoyed stopping in over the last year at kirkville, and i'm glad that you are enjoying writing, reflecting, creating, and sharing with us!

Shirls said...

Keep on a bloggin' Donna, your writings are an inspiration to me as they encourage inner reflection.


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