a personal history

I was delighted when i found this assignment in a box of keepsake papers and crafts that the boys had written throughout their school years!
of course losing one of my son's has broken my heart. Tom's and Brian's broken heart and so many others that loved him..but for me it was worth loving Graham all those years and to lose him so soon makes him even more precious...

Excerpts of Graham's own Personal History that he had to write and hand in as an assignment in his History class in Grade 10....

My Personal History by Graham Kirk {Grade 10 – 2000)
My name is Graham Kirk. Kirk is Scottish for church. My family started at the end of World War 2. Wilford Kirk, who is my Grandfather, married Doris Kirk, who is my Grandmother after the War ended. Wilford was Canadian and Doris was English. Wilford brought Doris with to Canada. They settled on a farm between Langenburg and Spy Hill. My Grandfather was then a farmer and my Grandmother was then a housewife. Later Brian Kirk, who is my father and Trevor Kirk, who is my uncle were born. They both had to help a lot with the farming and whenever they wanted to know something they had to look it up in the encyclopedia. Uncle Trevor grew up as a farmer and never got married, however, Brian worked at Farm Credit Corporation and married Donna Trembley. After that, I was born in 1985 and Tommy Kirk, who is my brother, was born in 1987. We were both born in Regina and one year after Tommy was born, we moved to Prince Albert.

I am a very shy person. I am very defensive about every move I make. The reason my personality is like that is because when I was living in Prince Albert people were really picking on me until the day I moved away because I was acting so stupid I would pretend I was a super hero at recess time and try to rule everyone in my class. That was pretty stupid and I learned a lesson from all that. That’s why I’m Mr. Shy Guy.

My favorite sport is fishing. My dad took me fishing when I was 4 years old and I just loved it and I still do. My first fish was a Northern Pike, my biggest Northern Pike was about 6 pounds, my biggest Walleye was exactly 3 pounds and 11 ounces and I got the Jr. largest Walleye plaque for it, my biggest Rainbow Trout was about 4 pounds, and I’ve also caught Lake Whitefish, Yellow Perch, Sauger and Goldeye.

I also really enjoy hunting. Starting at grade 4, my dad would take me hunting. I wasn’t old enough by law, to actually hunt so I just watched and learned until I was in grade 7 when I passed my hunter’s safety course the year before that and got a 96% on it. I’ve only hunted Whitetailed Deer, Coyotes, and Gophers so far. My first Whitetailed Deer buck scored about 125 gross and my biggest Whitetailed Deer buck ever … scored about 167 gross and it got me 3 plaques.

I’m also a good skier, I used to take ski lessons every day in Prince Albert but now that I’ve moved here, I go once a year to Banff or Fernie.

My plan for a change in myself is to start talking to other people instead of being so shy.

In Langenburg, Saskatchewan, when I was walking in a park, I saw Kerrie Buchberger of Canada’s women volleyball team of the Olympics and I got her autograph. That was a really good thing that happened.

In Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, the library was having a Turtle Race and I signed up my turtle, who’s name is Freddie, for the Turtle Race. He didn’t win but I was yelling “Go Freddie Go!” and I got my picture in the news paper. Guess what the article was titled? “Go Freddie Go!” and it had a picture of me cheering for Freddie in it. That was a surprising and interesting way to get my picture in the news paper.

I was born in Regina, moved to Prince Albert in 1989, and moved to our house around Swift Current in 1995.

My best world memory was when there was a fight over which school deaf and hearing impaired people should go to. They wanted to put deaf and hearing impaired people all in one school in Saskatoon. Since I’m hearing impaired, I’m very lucky that a lot of people disagreed with this. If I had to go to that school, I would be living in Saskatoon, which is very far from my relatives and would not get a very good view of the real world. This happened when I was living in Prince Albert.

My worst world memory is when the gas prices went up and we can’t travel as much anymore.

Outdoor Ed Club in Grade 11

My life is getting better because I can almost hunt by myself, fish on my own, drive, I’m at the Comp and I get to be more selective on what subjects I take, and I get a good allowance. I can control all this by taking some responsibility. Rules are pretty much beyond my control.

Graham's 1st horse "Otis" August 2001


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post and a wonderful remembrance of Graham. This must be a really difficult time of year for you and you are in my thoughts. Sharla

Laurette said...

This is a very touching post Donna. Like Sharla said, this must be a difficult time for you and I know you will get through it.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts are definetley with you guys. We all remember where we were five long years ago. No-one could have imagined how life would change! Hugs to all. Sis. you do a great job with your post's. Hang in there.

Unc. T

Shirls said...

Donna what a beautiful post in Grahams memory. I hope you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers...my heart hurts for you Donna. Always remember that no one can ever take our memories from us, so our loved ones are never gone, they are always with us....FOREVER!

Love and hugs to you Donna!

Cass said...

Donna ... it's the 15th today and so I just wanted you to know that I'm thinking of you and Brian and Tom today.

Cass said...

Oh, and I just had the chance to read Graham's personal history in detail ... what a treasure that is ... and I can only imagine how much and how keenly you miss this wonderful firstborn son of yours.
Love to you today.

Snowflake said...

What a beautiful tribute to your son, Donna. I want to share a comfort prayer that someone once sent me:
When loss and grief have torn apart
The world we thought we knew,
Words never seem to be enough
for things we can't undo
So I'll just say a silent prayer
For what may comfort you;
The solace of warm memories
That last a lifetime through,
The sympathy that others feel
who share your sorrow, too,
The knowledge that the one you love
Is with the angels who
In kind and tender mercy
will be watching over you.
Thinking of you, Brian and Tom today.

Catherine said...

I've been thinking of you and your family this week Donna. Thank you for sharing your pictures and Graham's words. You are a very special and loving person. Take care. Catherine

Brandi said...

What a beautiful post Donna! Thinking of you and your family :) Granham's turtle story made me giggle! Anyway great pictures and loved his story

katrina lauren said...

I am so happy that you found Graham's personal history...what a treasure to come across. To be able to read what his thoughts were at that time, and remember moments & accomplishments that made him proud is such a gift. I too loved the Freddie story...oh so sweet! Go Freddie Go!
You have such great photos of Graham doing the things that he loved so much. What a proud little boy beaming as he held up his fish for the camera in front of the log cabin {it is such a sweet moment captured...precious} and I so love the one of Otis & Graham together...
I struggled to know what to say here...I don't think that I could ever really express how my heart feels for you....
Draw on your strength and your faith in times of sorrow...and soon you will see the sun peek through the clouds...
thinking of you my friend

Donna said...

wow! thank you Sharla, Laurette, Trevor, Cass, Shirley, Lenore, Katrina, Catherine and Brandi for your comments on this post...you guys are amazing and even tho losing a child is a "nightmare" to happen to anyone...I have learned to live with it and your comments on my blog have made a huge difference in my motivation and blogging and it has been unforseen therapy for me. ...until the next post!

thank you for your comments especially on this post as it is one of the most dearest to me!

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