taking note.....

...watched an interview on TV Jan Arden was interviewing Diana Krall..need to get her new CD "the girl in the other room"

....laughing at Tom as he was trying to get the hamburger smell out of the Honda this morning and lit the incense i left in the car just before we left for Lethbridge- {Yoga Connexion was handing them out just before Xmas and I left it in the car - actually it worked very well!}

...providing a "healing touch" treatment is not as much work as I think it is {less is more and the more relaxed i am the better the treatment!}

...excited that I can use my photo scanner from Christmas and share old photos..{need to get more organized but what fun)

...noticing that every stranger who held a door open for me today or i walked by smiled at me and the waitresses in Perkins at Medicine Hat were exceptional today {we ate their twice}

...Tom was way more organized with his stuff this morning and didn't forget anything {nice for him}

....getting back to Diana Krall and her interview by Jan Arden...she talked about her new CD and the saddness of the songs she said "not everyone is happy all the time and her songs are about grief and grief never goes away..it just changes all the time"....she answered Jan Arden's question about her songs coming from some spirituality or religion and she just looked and said YES! not my religion.. my spirituality...nice..honest...real...i like that

.....just taking note

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Brandi said...

i haven't been in blog land for awhile so I had a lot of catching up on your blog!! I really like reading your posts and it helps me to slow down in life and appreciate things. i tend to get caught up in the things that are not important so thank you for your words. Your strenght inspires me Donna and I hope you have a great year :)

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