Time and Trouble

a birthday card from years ago from my friend Wendy ...it has so much meaning now...I guess that is why I kept it in my journals.

I have been faced with a "crossroad" 5 years ago {Jan 15 2004} to be exact. I still don't know how I get through it all...inner personal power (it is an inside job) then support from the community, our friends Morley and Shirley, a minister, my religious sister Barb and my very special niece Brenda {who probably doesn't know how she has helped me by just being her mysterious, shy, highly intellectual and rebellious self...her little letters and e-mails to me...all make me feel special!} my mom and dad for providing stability, my nieces Jaida and Kaitlyn...{Jaida seems to have a higher connection to my son which is so amazing}, my neighbour Donna Waldner, Rena Best, Lorna Wiens and my so so special friend Laurie Butler and her husband Wayne {these 2 are amazing people to me}, Dr. Lawrence Reimer and Dr. R. Ibrahim for their knowledge, their tasteful compassion...my son Tom for always keeping me on my toes about how to look after myself with all his little gifts of love throughout the years..and my husband Brian who challenges me to "cowgirl" up {standing joke now!)

Time and Trouble... because of this "crossroad" i was faced with... Graham taught me to love myself and as the horse journey in January continues it really was Graham's horse Rocky that as i finally stepped back and listened and watched what i had to learn from him is when my true spirit for life really came about....thanks Rocky!

I am planning {always planning, gosh I never used to plan much, I have learned it gives me purpose to plan} a dedication blog on the 15th next Thursday.

Time and Trouble will tame an advanced young woman, but an advanced older woman is uncontrollable by any earthly force. Dorothy Sayer


katrina lauren said...

Isn't the strength of the human spirit amazing? Donna to me...you are amazing. I'm so glad that you have felt the love & support that you needed when you needed it most.
The healing power that animals can provide is an amazing thing too...that Graham's boy Rocky has been there as a quiet, strong & steady companion for you is a gift. Horses indeed are so special and I know that the bond with them is unique and unlike any other. They seem to be able to teach us so much about ourselves...

My friend Donna...I am thinking of you now & always.

Catherine said...

Donna, I know you know it too; they are with us if we let ourselves see, talk to us if we let ourselves hear, if we are open to the fact that it may not be in the form we are expecting. There are pieces of the people we love all around us. I can see your daily dedication to your beloved son in the love you have for your family, your friends, your pets/animals and yourself and look forward to your planned special dedication of Graham. My thoughts are with you always. Your friend, Catherine

Shirls said...

Donna in reading this I realized what a "true" kindred spirit you are to me. I am so grateful for the bond that we share, as you have given me more strength to face each day...thanks!

I know that Graham would be so proud of you Donna cause you are finding peace within.
Love you my friend,

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