directionally challenged?

my "goodness" week had a couple of very scary drawbacks which I do not want to repeat and so I am blogging them....and I need to just say that I am no longer going to be lost on backroads in the dark while snowing heavily. Nor am I wanting to be stuck in the snow just a few short miles from our acreage. I know what GPS stands for now may think it stands for "gobal positioning system" but I now know that it really means "God's Plan for Survival".

On thursday I was driving home from Vanguard and taking the backroads to our acreage from there. I had with me the GPS, cell phone, and map. My mind went blank and I could not get it together ....which road did I take coming here? i looked on the map and got confused...i knew the GPS needed an address but our acreage does not have an address..... I got to a small town and called Brian {cell phone coverage kicked in!} He had to calm me down and we had to figure out what to enter into the GPS and the only town that worked was Waldeck and then 3 Hwy numbers came up...... I DID NOT KNOW you could enter Hwy and then select the # ....sure enough "Chloe" which is our name for the GPS me back to our road-----

the next morning it was dark and we needed to be in MJ by 8:30 once again I took off with Tom and he wanted to drive and I said no I would drive and then we headed out and I turned down what I thought was the same road we always take to HWY 1....all of a sudden I am stuck in snow on this road ......{I went thru some low-grade names for myself and then Tom got on his cell phone and I panicked again as for sure he wouldn't be able to get thru} Tom did get thru and Brian came with his truck and easily pulled us out. Now then, I am kinda of a wreck and wanting to go back home and forget this appt but Tom just followed "Chloe" once again and she got us to #1 HWY easily. I need to mention here that both times I was prepared with warm clothes and shovel, cell phone, GPS, map. But it was my mind that froze on me both times....I watch these survival shows and think maybe that I had a taste of it psychologically anyway...the darkness and snow got to me...i don't know but it was an experience to remember and not repeat.

Has this ever happened to you?


Catherine said...

Hmmm...I'm thinking I want one of those GPS's I don't want that to ever happen to me!

Cheryl said...

So glad you are safe and only thing hurt is your nerves..... I love the GPS , but have only borrowed one, that is our next big purchase.Calgary was actually driveable last time....Ours was Gladys....Chloe, Gladys what ever, you got to love technology.

Anonymous said...

Brenda and I are viewing your post and the first thought that came to both of our minds was the fear that must have been attached to that and the memory of the past.

We're glad the ski trip went well and enjoyed the video and the pictures.

We're happy that you had a pleasant trip to Moose Jaw with Thom. Seeing how much he has grown and matured in so many ways must bless your heart!

We have been enjoying the blogs and look forward to many more.

Love Barb and Brenda

Donna said...

Barb and Brenda

yes, absolutely it was a memory fear for sure...especially getting stuck on an unknown was like it was supposed to happen to me so I could understand?

hope to see you guys in March...or April whatever works out - I got your CD's in the mail today looking forward to "starting over"

thanks Brenda for your recommendation

love Donna

Tom said...

Why is there a baby's face on the window? Creepy...

Donna said...

my picture changed for some reason

Brandi said...

I have definatley been driving down back roads that are unfamiliar in the dark and have just prayed to God that nothing were to happen because my mind plays tricks on me. i always think of chainsaw massacre movies. Than I need to call someone just to keep me SANE.
Glad you arrived safe and sound to both places

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