"ear" shopping

Tom is on the search for new hearing aids and so we went shopping to the Moose Jaw Audiologist department {known as the Hearing Aid Plan} and talked to his friend Pat. Tom had a good selection, which was nice, as to going with smaller behind-the-ear hearing aids; technology for aids has really advanced; I was enjoying her tell him all the options he has now {water resistant, wireless cellphone and ipod hookup, etc)

Also because of his severe hearing loss he needs the power so "in the ear" hearing aids" are not suitable for him at all. He also needs to connect to an FM system in class {wireless little caps clip on each hearing aid and the transmitter the instructor has on transmits his voice thru his transmitter and to Tom's hearing aids.}

She also brought out his file from way back to 1988, needless to say it was pretty thick, and on the way home in the car I said to him that I remember walking into the hearing aid plan clinic and holding you in my lap so they could test you for sounds that you could hear and sounds you could not. It was a very busy time trying to get the right ones and when you were only under 24 months of age....... I needed to tie or pin them with strings to your shirt and you wore a bonnet ...

{Graham who was fitted at 20 months and Tom fitted at 8 months old}

....he is pretty cute {but oh he was naughty too! :)} He kept me busy with fishing out his hearing aids out of the turtle tank, hiding them under a tree in a large park with 100's of people and never did find those ones, swinging his head back and forth in his high chair so his aids would fall out of his ears ....{that is where the string and safety pin hook up got created} ... .funny stories now!

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Anonymous said...

What a great post! I hope the new hearing aides work great for Tom!


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