goodness me!

My "goodness" week so far

2 days of fantastical mountain skiing { credit to my "replenex" glucosomine vitamins from Maleleuca - weekly Yoga - walks outside}

tommorrow ... Healing Touch wellness afternoon with Jan, Judy and Yollanda. I am looking forward to some inspiration and clearing my thoughts, stories and laughs

Friday is Moose Jaw day with Tom for the purchase of new hearing aids....I am there to pick up the tab only and sneak in a bit of shopping....he is excited because he thinks he may have the hearing aids he wants to see your child take charge of his life....maybe next time he will actually have money to pay for them....(my poor student}

"summer" is doing great - now leaps over those troublesome steps ...amazes me

my father-in-law turned 91 today and a surprise birthday was set up for him at his regular "corner Lunch" restaurant. ...he walked in with his sister for their standard luncheon out and their was 4 tables put together and 12 friends and a big bottle of wine with an enormous balloon attached to it...he was very thrilled about it all.

knowing these few but uplifting days will replenish my spirit and energy for weeks to come..then back to "the job" next week...always a challenge and this year will be better than last year..I just feel it!


Catherine said...

Sounds like you are having an awesome week! Good for you. It is so hard coming back to work after a fantastic holiday! Loving your posts {love the head picture of the trees}!

Anonymous said...

That is one busy, but amazing week! Enjoy every minute!


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