sunshine on things

the sun is everywhere and i am thinking pretty soon those horses will be ridden...looking out my south kitchen window and watching them eating...they have been eating all morning, that's all we do is feed them all winter along..BUT soon the pounds will come off once the saddles are dusted off and away we go. The last time I rode a horse was in Dec. ...i better not talk about extra weight to haughtily as I can't quite do up my skii pants that I thought i would be wearing next week for our skiing trip...hmmmmm

this is our BBQ sitting outside in the snow and I hope it just falls apart so Brian won't try and fix it or remodel it again. It still works real well because Brian put new brick burners inside it...but one wheel is broken and the little shelf on the side is broken off but still useful as i can at least place a plate on the remaining shelf planks! the handle to lift up the lid is very loose and wobbly... i will have to squeeze this into our budget for a new one.

love the bold glow I got from these shiney artificial plants this morning {from our local "Scentiments" store)



I LOVE this photo esp.compared to the BBQ. I wish you well on that wish for a new one. Hint to Brian !!!

katrina lauren said...

oh yes the sun was wonderful today...i just love sunny springy sort of days!

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