blog crisis...

You may notice I am changing my blog look often these days. It is frustrating because i can't get the format and color decided on. Must be "March Madness"! but it comes down to what is my blog image?

I am supposed to have more blue in my house according to my weak "chakra" which is expressiveness and this chakra is located above the throat. It is my best colour on me as far as clothes go(navy, dark blues)

a bit about energy work and alot of you may know how energy therapy works but i will clarify a little for each "chakra"....... i am talking energy biofields around your body and this is what energy therapists try to clear and balance; these 7 energy fields called chakras, when they give someone a treatment, this can really relax you.

Here are the 7 chakras and each chakra has a colour:

1. root chakra {red colour} situated just above the knee (survival}
2. sacral chakra {orange colour} below the stomach (relationships, feelings}
3. solar plexus chakra{yellow colour} just below the breast bone (effective decisions-communicator)
4. heart chakra {green colour} just above the heart - (unconditional love and acceptance)
5. throat chakra (blue} just above the throat - {expressiveness)
6. brow chakra {indigo blue} just above the brow/forehead (perception/insight)
7. crown chakra (white/purple} the top of your head (spiritual enlightenment}

apparently my throat chakra is a bit weak and that is the colour blue {like blue sky blue}
and i want to incorporate my self-care; our experiences' with our animals; and my mix and match attitude eg: my wardrobe (i don't like matching suits and know when you buy them as a complete set) I always end up never wearing the matching suit together but mixing and matching with my mood for the day with other things in my closet. I like suits on other men and women but it does not feel right on me.

So my search and trials with my blog colour and style will be ongoing until it feels right and suits me! just thought I would explain the constant changes if you have been checking regularly.
...............................................Have a good weekend!


katrina lauren said...

Interesting! Amanda in my Raja flow class always talks about chakra' would love her!
When you came out of yoga the other night you just were glowing....and your lip gloss was looking good & still in place (impressive) It was good to see you! It is hard to settle on a blog format...soon you will find just the right background!
Have a good weekend!

Catherine said... are much brighter then 'black'....good luck finding the right background! There's just too many to choose from!

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