body break {not recommended}

on Monday nite I got home from work and then grabbed my camera and headed toward our pond to take pictures of the ice and some flowing water - well i slipped on our driveway on the way and my feet went up in the air and I landed on my back, shoulders and back of my head {just like a slab of wood}. I was in shock because it happened so unexpectedly. Just before this happened, I was acting like a kid running out the door and my eyes were only looking towards the pond and not my feet. So i finally got up from laying on the ice and determination and anger set in and headed to the pond to still get a picture. I was just lined up for a good photo and then I realized the camera battery died. This photo shoot was not supposed to happen that nite!

I headed back into the house and told Brian as he didn't know...and ice paks and Advil was presented to me and instructions to not fall asleep but to ice my neck and shoulders and back...yeesh - back to the old drawing board...luckily i had a massage booked today and I am feeling "replenex" glucosomine from Melaleuca and Yoga once a week saved me this time ....this is why we are supposed to exercise and try and stay fit I guess. Thanks Melaleuca and Yoga Connexion. I plan on going to Yoga thursday nite as usual and listen and breath into my body and STRETTCCHHHH!

sometimes body breaks are just not a good thing...{sigh} always challenges to face!


Cheryl said...

You must learn to walk looking down with your knees bent a slight bit......I learned that many years ago when Susan Woods wiped out in the Mall parking lot.
Take care and I hope the hurts heal fast.

Donna said...

i remember that incident that Susan Woods was scary for her. I will be fine now just stiff and sore mostly.
still enjoying your blog posts alot!

katrina lauren said...

Oh dear Donna! A body 'break' indeed!! i have that same reaction...determination & anger when i hurt myself! ha!
Feel better friend!

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