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okay...this is a very heavy read {autistic people are highly detailed} so this link will take you to a 3 minute video about the author..if you love animals it is worth checking out Animals in Translation by Temple Grandin... here is a BRIEF summary of good information on what CAN SCARE prey animals when loading or moving thru alleys and chutes.

  1. sparkling reflections on puddles
  2. reflections on smooth metal
  3. chains that jiggle
  4. metal clanging or banging
  5. high-pitched noise
  6. air hissing
  7. air drafts blowing on approaching animals
  8. clothing hung on fence
  9. piece of plastic that is moving
  10. slow fan blade movement
  11. seeing people moving up ahead
  12. small object on the floor
  13. changes in flooring and texture
  14. drain grate on the floor
  15. sudden changes in the color of equipment
  16. chute entrance too dark
  17. bright light such as blinding sun
  18. one-way or anti-backup gates

Animals in Translation author Temple Grandin

If you are a horse or agricultural animal owner and have tried to load.....well... lets say a horse into a strange trailer or trying to encourage a new colt or filly into a barn for the very first time {Brian and I have stories about that}….. This summary pertains to cattle/hogs/horses..they THINK IN PICTURES..

There is so much more to learn from this book but can only absorb in small chapters. When my brain hurts it is time to stop.

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