no fluff reading

I like to read and I find it hard to find books anymore that stimulate my mind and "speak to me"..except I found this book at the library...

Animals in Translation -using the mysteries of autism to decode animal behaviour is a great resource for me to:
..understand Summer's behaviour with his hind leg and how dog's react to pain.
..Horses, because they are a prey animal, will not show their hurting unless they are by themselves as weakness in an animal means death.
..The 'dominant" prey animals in a herd, like horses and cows, will most likely be grazing or standing in the middle of the herd because they are more protected from predators.
..Cat's purr when they are in pain and cat's purr when they are happy. It is something they do because it feels good (like rubbing your foot and the motions of massage - it is very similar, it is the vibration that is soothing)
Temple Grandin is an autistic adult and also now an animal scientist and her understanding of animals relates to the fact that animals brains are very similar to the autistic mind because they "think in pictures" just as Autistic children/adults do.

Also Brene Brown's book "I thought it was just me {ITIWJM} is on order as we speak and it is all about women's authenticity and the same, fear, and resilience that makes us weak, can be turned into strength, living truthfully and having a connection is so important. I can hardly wait to get it and work through the read-a-long on her blog 'ordinary courage'


Catherine said...

Those sound like some great books you have found! It is hard to imagine what our four legged friends are thinking. Keep sharing what you are learning - good stuff!

katrina lauren said...

i loved the little tid bits of knowledge you gave us on animal behaviour! so interesting....
good job on the swimming!!!

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