Summer and Sylvia

we had quite an adventure with our dog last night and I am so impressed with Sylvia Wiebe our area vet who just happens to live a few short miles from our place. Summer had an abscess on his cheek and it broke open when I got home from work and I phoned Sylvia and she came over a couple of hours later {i think i might of lucked out with the availability of her time} The lump was not at all cancerous and was an infection that needed to be lacerated and flushed. Our dog had to be sedated quite a bit and a muzzle placed over his mouth. Brian and I and Sylvia were on our deck draining a wound on our dog's face WOW! She also checked his hind leg while he was still half asleep and verified that he has an injury around his knee joint and that he probably isn't in alot of pain most of the time. After that little trauma we showed her the dog food we are giving Summer and the FIRST ingredient is GROUND WHOLE GRAIN CORN listed on the side of the bag...which means it is loaded with that ingredient... {$125 a bag now it has gone up $25} i am not impressed....ERRRRR!

She was surprised we were spending that much money on dog food and recommended ACTRIUM from Walmart and Jane and David Unteriners' dog food in Wymark; so we will sprinkle glucosomine in his food like we were doing before and save ourselves some money. She has a dog similar to Summer and said we could try those two dog food brands instead of the high cost of Hills Prescription Diet J/D

I am so relieved to get some answers and straight discussion about the rip off market of dog and cat food.

We have ourselves a new vet that unfortunately will replace the old vet. She is strictly "animal care brought to your home" vet service and travels to your farm so no clinic or building fees to pay for.

AWESOME! happy, happy, Love our dog and this blog post is for you Tom because Summer was your b'day present when you turned 14 ... {his abscess is drained and looking so much better this morning}.

{just had to show off my pretty blue scarf Wendy gave me}
Have a good weekend all!


Stressed College Boy said...

Thanks Mom, you and Summer really are "the best"!

Catherine said...

Very pretty scarf Donna! I'm so glad Summer is on the mend. I had a vet prescribe Science Hill for Banjo to lose weight. All that happened was he was 'messing' outside his litter box and it was costing me a fortune and he was gaining weight. 1st ingredient was also Corn! Like why would cats eat corn!! I switched to President's Choice Weight Management - high protein - and very cheap. No more 'accidents' and my Banjo has lost lots of weight. Glad to hear you have a great vet that lives not far away. That's good for peace of mind!

Anonymous said...

Oh my...what a night! I am so glad to hear that Summer is OK now though!


katrina lauren said...

Oh dear! Summer had a tough night! So good to have found a vet that comes right to your great is that? I know how Summer just loves going to the vet, so this will make a huge difference for you.
(i love the scarf...just got a pink one and plan on getting a torquoise one as well! Looks great!)

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