the thaw

our pond in the trees has finally thawed and so has my ego from my ice fall on Mon nite. It lifted my spirits as I wondered through the trees and stepped very carefully to take a look at the amount of water that has been collected. Normally this will dry up in a month or so. We always hope every year to have water throughout the summer but the large trees surrounding this marsh soak up the water quickly.....i compare this once icy pond just a few days ago,to my damaged ego and fear of injuring my neck and back. I am grateful for knowing i will be okay...age does not make these falls kinder to my body.

their is a little culvert in this marsh area and i heard a little trickle of water and noticed that a stream had started, what a calming sound trickling water is; kind of "feng shui" but only better. Can't beat the sounds of nature. Talk about peace!

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videos on horse

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