these are our 4 horses and I have had some fun depicting their personalities according to Linda Parelli's Horsenality chart.

Rocky is our left-brained introvert
Rocky is steady and reliable and a great trail riding horse {food is his motivator and he has a stubborn streak}
Rascal is only 2 years old - his real personality will be determined when he is a little older and gets a saddle on him.

Ziggy is our left-brained extrovert
Ziggy is a fun loving high energy horse with natural athleticism..will do anything you want...does not like to just doddle along on a trail ride though.

Ben is a right-brained introvert
Ben is a high energy horse and unsure of new things...needs to be comfortable and needs alot of reassurance...beautiful horse to ride... but sensitive

It helps to know your horses's personalities when riding as they tend to bring out the rider's weaknesses and strengths..horses are always honest. I have enjoyed this personality perspective because I think I am a right brained introvert just like Ben. I can relate to his character the best. interesting stuff!

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