How can you do that?

I was asked how I can just “bare my soul” like that. I was on the phone to my brother and he checks into my blog every now and then …. I said “do I”? and he goes “ya you do".

Well it is very good therapy to blog or journal and sometimes bloggers “bare their soul”. For some it is an uncomfortableness {is this a word?} and some of my posts have been daring even for me …but my cat died..and I can talk to just about anyone about that emotion….and my dog has had injury problems…no problem everyone can go their with that one as well. I don’t talk about Healing Touch in any great depth as that is a personal time for each individual and a blog is not the place for it to a certain point. So that is kinda out. But lots of people seem to do YOGA, so that is easy to blog about.

Who am I going to express weekly or monthly to about losing my son? It has been just over 5 years… The pain is still deep and this blog is a way of discovering myself..or actually creating a new me…..grief changes and dealing with it is a healthy learning process.

On the bottom of my blog I have a large picture of Graham and a song link above called “The Valley Song” - this song says it all and I listened to that song and the words every morning on my way to work in the first year of my grief…I let it out with tears and sniffles driving 20 minutes into town and 20 minutes back home every day. By the time I got to work I was okay and able to work. ….my spiritually and faith was born at that time. So the large picture stays at the bottom of the blog for now

Personal feedback is good and helps me grow…thanks Dave for asking that question….it made me understand what I have been really blogging about and why.


Catherine said...

Talking about things is my therapy as well - I think there are a lot of "my life is an open book" kind of people like us. There are always going to be certain bits and pieces of ourselves we don't share, but sometimes writing, talking, creating is a great way to let it all out - no? It's all good stuff! Love your pictures, love your thoughts, love your blog!!! Have a most wonderful Easter weekend Donna!

Cheryl said...

So true Donna and well written, I too have been asked why I do it, and it is not explainable. It is just what we do and better than walking around talking out loud I guess.

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