Trust, Gratitude, Inspiration Friday! {Ordinary Courage}

1. Who/what are you trusting today? I trust the power given me to never "compare myself to another person" trap. I almost did that today as I was having lunch with a friend I admire alot. She is so upbeat and always amazes me with her ideas of getting what she needs done, but yet helping or involving someone else at the same time. I am so jealous of that. But i remembered why we are friends and that we are here for each other and to enjoy each other's successes and to learn from each other. thanks Lorna for another inspiration lunch hour.

2. Who/what are you grateful for today? I am grateful that my son Tom has a place to go and get his hearing aids adjusted or settings tuned in or for repairs right here in town. Thanks Karen from Cypress Audiology. We pay for this fast service but it beats mailing hearing aids and waiting and booking an appointment and can't get in for 6 weeks. I am soooo grateful for this 1st time ever audiology centre.

3. Who/ what is inspiring you today? a story another friend {Shirley} shared with me today called "The Present" - it is not about a gift that is wrapped but how an old man was telling a young boy about the present he is giving him. The boy grows up and has struggles but he finally gets it when he remember's the old man's "present" he realizes that it is "always being in the present".... always live in the present with the knowledge of what you learned from your past.


katrina lauren said...

Great thoughts! Love all the inspiration on your blog today! Great stuff!
Happy weekend Donna!

Shirls said...

What a great post Donna!Inspiration..ahh what a great word..with so much meaning.

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