1. Who/what are you trusting today? I have to trust my good sense to stay at home when my back and neck are tight and sore and I have a huge headache. I will not be at work today. Look after me and then the rest will follow.
UPDATE: my good sense failed me and I actually went into work at noon today.!

2. Who/what are you grateful for today? I am grateful for my physiotherapist for her training and knowledge and compassion in easing my muscular issues is undaunting. { I am also grateful for Advil/Extra Strength Tylenol}

3. Who/ what is inspiring you today? TGIF is inspiring me today as I should not be typing and putting up a post but TGIF makes my week - I am addicted to sharing!


Catherine said...

Health first! #1 indeed! Hope you get feeling better!

katrina lauren said...

i have trust in the strength of my marriage...as now upon reflection i realize i can be a bit of a 'handful' some days. i trust in the strength of our love, in an understanding for one another and in acceptance of who each of us is.

i am grateful for moments of silliness, hearty belly laughs, and fridays! i always adore fridays!

i was inspired by the sights & sounds of spring today. the smell of fresh cut grass, small buds on the end of branches...the world around us slowly turning green.

here is wishing you a wonderful long weekend. i hope that you can relax and that you start to feel well soon.

katrina lauren said...

i forgot to say how much i love this....
'i believe a joyful life is made up of joyful moments gracefully strung together by trust, gratitude, and inspiration'
thanks for sharing!

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