May "lone ranger" weekend

Have you ever spent 3 days on your own?...well I did this here is what happened:
cozied up with two books: Horses and the Mystical path, the Celtic Way of Expanding The Human Soul and Paradoxical Thinking
tearing down wallpaper, {see photo below}
swimming and hot tubbing at the aquatic centre,
Tom popping in and out all weekend {working night shifts}
watched two movies - "Mamma Mia" and "Fireproof" - I still cannot get over Meryl Streep singing in a talk about a versatile performer along with Pierce Brosnan. "Fireproof" was about a firefighter and his relationship problems with his wife and how he changed himself to save his marriage. Both were worthy movies to watch.

Here is a photo of our bedroom which requires a much needed overhaul. It felt good to start this project as it was time to get rid of this "eye catching" wallpaper and faux painting scheme i had many years ago?? {ugh what was I thinking!)

Brian did leave me for 3 days with a horse, but he came back. He just found out that his bedroom colour is not going to be blue...I have decided on Strawberry Yogurt {a very light shade of Rose) a real switch from cowboyin' paper!

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katrina lauren said...

Can't wait to see the 'after' photos! You know I adore pink...and strawberry yogurt sounds delicious!

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