my gift to mom and me


as a gift to myself and my Mom, I have ordered two of these beautiful bracelets which are coming our way soon. This is to celebrate each other on Mother's Day. My mom has loved the Yoga DVD I gave her for a Christmas present and it is called "Yoga for the Rest of Us" by Peggy Cappy. She is looking for another DVD from Peggy which I will have to purchase for her birthday in August. I thought I would share this bracelet to you all and then Mom and I can show it off when we actually are wearing it on our wrists.
this bracelet to remember the power of breath and mindfulness…an effective reminder each tme you glance at your wrist to breathe freely and not let the small stuff get to you.

This lovely bracelet was created by Peggy Cappy for Mother's day and it can be worn as a symbol of your intention to stay present with each breath. Meant to be worn for all occasions, each bracelet is hand-made in Cambridge, Massachusetts and designed exclusively for us.
Light Sapphire Swarovski Crystals / approx 7.5 " long

I hope you like your bracelet..blessings to you Mom!

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