trail riding club

We attended the first trail ride of the year with the "Topline Trailriders Club" and we gathered together at the Sask Landing riding camp. We had a good turnout with lots of visiting while the horses climbed up and down the hills and walking along the edges of the big coulees. It was so relaxing and I popped only one advil for the day's ride!
... their was a man 80 years old riding with us and with a young horse; I was amazed how he could still swing his feet up into the stirrup and get on his horse...inspiring!

the trail boss laying down the park and trail ride rules..very important

and of course I took special note of this handsome cowboy!

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Catherine said...

I am thinking a nice long ride would be very relaxing - with the stress falling off the ol' shoulders! Hope you had fun!

videos on horse

I always like to get a shot or two when horses are around. I thought the trees turning colour would turn out on this video Nada. ...